Engineer Mirza Ali

Chishti RasooLULLAH (نعوذ باللہ) Ala_Hazrat BRAILVI r.a ki Book say ! By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

Chishti RasooLULLAH (نعوذ باللہ) Ala_Hazrat BRAILVI r.a ki Book say ! By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

Today topic is :Chishti RasooLULLAH (نعوذ باللہ) Ala_Hazrat BRAILVI r.a ki Book say ! By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza.

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Engineer Muhammad Mirza Ali

Mirza Ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza was born on 4 October 1977 in Jhelum, a city in Punjab, Pakistan. He is a 19th grade mechanical engineer in a government department.

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

Is engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Sunni or Shia?

engineer mirza ali

Engineer Muahmmad Ali Mirza is Sunni, Known "Mulim ilmi kitabi".

How do I contact engineer Muhammad Ali?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

You can call on this phone number, which is "03215900162", and discuss your problem with them.

Who is Mirza Ali of Pakistan?

muhammad mirza ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

What is the age of engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

mirza ali

(Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza) Born: October 4, 1977 (age 46 years) Place: Jhelum Country: Pakistan

What is religion of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is Muslim by religion. He is also known as muslim ilmi kitabi. He says " I,m Muslim Ilmi Kitabi".

What is the Education of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

He is an engineer by profession. And also a "Pakistani Islamic Scholar". He studied in "University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila".

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator. Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is an acclaimed Islamic scholar whose passion for learning and understanding the Quran and Hadith has earned him a distinguished place in the Muslim world.


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  2. میں بھی زمانہ جاھلیت میں بریلوی تھا انجینیئر صاحب نے بریلویت کا پول کھول دیا جس کے بعد میں صرف "مسلمان" ہوں الحمدللہ

  3. ایام عزاء فاطمیہ (س ع) بدعات دین ہیں ؟ کیسے ؟ شیعہ مسلمان کونسی بدعات دین امام باڑے میں رکھتے ہیں ؟

  4. 🌹1.Don't insult (Q49:11)
    🌹2.Speak kindly (Q2:83)
    🌹3.Speak gently (Q17:28)
    🌹4.Don't backbite (Q49:12)
    🌹5.Speak the Truth (Q3:17)
    🌹6.Keep your oaths (Q5:89)
    🌹7.Do not be arrogant (Q7:13)
    🌹8.Restrain your anger (Q3:134)
    🌹9.Think good of others (Q24:12)
    🌹10.Don't be rude to parents (Q17:23)
    🌹11.Don't make fun of others (Q49:11)
    🌹12.Turn away from ill speech (Q23:3)
    🌹13.Walk in a humble manner (Q25:63)
    🌹14.Keep your trusts & promises (Q23:8)
    🌹15.Don't claim yourself to be pure (Q53:32)
    🌹16.Do not even approach adultery (Q17:32)
    🌹17.Don't call others with bad names (Q49:11)
    🌹18.Remember Allah and be thankful (Q2:152)
    🌹19.Speak nicely, even to the ignorant (Q25:63)
    🌹20.Don't ask for repayment for favours (Q76:9)
    🌹21.If enemy wants peace, then accept it (Q8:61)
    🌹22.Salute the Prophet (saw), do salawats (Q33:56)
    🌹23.Call ˹all˺ people to the pilgrimage (hajj) (Q22:27)
    🌹24.Give charity /spend (in the way of Allah) (Q2:254)
    🌹25.Don’t criticize small donation/charity of others (9:79)
    🌹26.Be mindful of Allah and be with the truthful (Q9:119)
    🌹27.Do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly (Q2:188)
    🌹28.Stand firm for justice  even if it is against yourselves(Q4:135)
    🌹29.Don't remind others of the favours you done to them (Q2:264)
    🌹30.Return a greeting in a better manner or at least the same (Q4:86)
    🌹31.Do not be excessive, extravagant, don't spend wastefully (Q17:26)
    🌹32 Life of this world is no more than the delusion of enjoyment (Q3:185)
    🌹33.Performing prayers (salat/namaz) is a duty on the believers (Q4:103)
    🌹34.Turn away from trash talk like gossip, slandering people etc.(Q28:55)
    🌹35.Fasting is prescribed for you—as it was for those before you (Q2:183)
    🌹36.Don't Bribe authorities in order to devour a portion of others’ property(Q2:188)
    🌹37.Establish prayer (salat/namaz) and donate from what was provided (Q8:3)
    🌹38.Establish prayer (salat/namaz) and donate from what was provided (Q14:31)
    🌹39.Establish prayer (salat/namaz), pay alms-tax, and bow down with those who bow down (Q2:43)
    🌹🕋40.Know that this worldly life is no more than play, amusement, luxury, mutual boasting, and competition in wealth and children.(Q57:20)🕋🌹


    💚Please note these are not the complete ayats, but I took keywords from each ayat. If you would like to read the full ayat, then check the reference.

    💬For example take a look the first statement:

    🌹Don't insult (Q49:11), when you google Quran 49:11, then you will see the complete surah’s English translation and you will see following:

    ☝️🕋O believers! Do not let some ˹men˺ ridicule others, they may be better than them, nor let ˹some˺ women ridicule other women, they may be better than them. Do not defame one another, nor call each other by offensive nicknames. How evil it is to act rebelliously after having faith! And whoever does not repent, it is they who are the ˹true˺ wrongdoers.☝️🕋


    ✍Allah is the most merciful and forgiving, no matter how much you have been sinning, run towards Allah , turn to Allah and repent , ask for forgiveness. Some references from the Quran:

    🌺🌺🌺🕋Quran 39:53🕋🌺🌺🌺

    Say, ˹O Prophet, that Allah says,˺ “O My servants who have exceeded the limits against their souls! Do not lose hope in Allah’s mercy, for Allah certainly forgives all sins. He is indeed the All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    🌺🌺🌺🕋Quran 25:70🕋🌺🌺🌺

    As for those who repent, believe, and do good deeds, they are the ones whose evil deeds Allah will change into good deeds. For Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    🌹Feel free, copy and paste this message.

    🌹🌹To copy it text me in whatsapp +447391728752

    Thank you for reading and have a great day

  5. Mujh sey shart laga le tera DNA kerwatey hai agar tu asal apney baap ka nikl aaye tu hum teri jamat ikhtiyaar ker le gay… Dalley gandi maa ki sari hoi aulaad

  6. Muhammad qasim bin abdul karim ko suno allah pak uneh suchy khwab dikha raha ha , qyamt qreeb ha ghzwa e hind qreeb ha jang e azeem 3 sir py ha , imam mehdi essa alaislam ka ana djal ka ana yajoj mjoj ka niklna sab kuch bta dia gya ha abhi search krain muhammad qasim bin abdul krim ko log uneh e mehdi smj rhy lakn wo mana kr rhy k mujy mehdi mt kahain

  7. Jab Allah Rabbul Izzat kissi pe naraj hota hai to uske ilm aur buzurgi per uski jahalat ko galib kardeta hai aur uski aamaal barbad kardeta hai aur duniya aur Akherat me rusuwa kardeta hai.

  8. Do you have proof of chisti topic ye line jis book main hai wo normal hai yani fake b ho skti kya ye line jis main book main hai wo show karskte Mirza sab hoskta iss book main koi mirza gad bad kar gya ho so plz show main book and the book name is dalil ul arefeen maine zada asan kar diya

  9. Ap kya bak rhe h bhai ,aise bolenge to apki kisi bat pr yakeen nhi hoga.mai yha India 28 sal se hu up me aj tk kbi ye sb bate nhi suni barelwi se.ap kaha kaha se dhudh kr late khud ko sahi sabit krne k liye,rab ki kasm wo ala hazrat shakhsiyat sare modern firko se nizat dilane ka naam h.sare viewed ko meri guzarish h Bina tahkeek k yakeen na kre, jahilo aur alimo sbk liye nasihat h aala hazrat.sirf unki zindi padhe books v na pdhe unk likhe ek v.khuda shurkhuru krega sache iman se apko,jitne v khamiya btate h ye log barailwi ki ek v sahi nhi sb jhuthi,ha kuch log jahiliyat jarur krte ,bt JAO jo confuis h pdho unki zindgi ,deeply aur Amal kro,na bdli tumhari zindgi to naam badl dena,ye baith kr fatwe ni dete barelwi, langr chalwate gribo musafiro ko khilwate, yateemo ko muft education dete,muhlle ka ek admi bhukha ho to khud ni so skte,Saudi ne jb rasool aur ahle baith pr ilzaamat lgae to,hazaro sabooto k sath ala hazrat ne unk muh chup kiye,wo shakhsiyat jo ek cm k dawat na kabool krk ek yateem bache k ghr dawat khate,thora sa ek bache pr gussa kr diya tha to ratoo rat rote ki Allah k ghar kya muh dikhaunga,ahle baith ek ek shakhs ki aisi tareef krte ki dil ro de sun kr,ap enginr sahab pta nhi kya lekr baith gae jo yha ka koi bacha ni janta,sahi bat h,rab k rasool ko kisi ne ni chora Jalil krne se to rab k wali ko kaha aplog bakhsenge,Rab hidayat de,muslmano YouTube se hi bacho,jo v thora man me iman h,kaahi kufr ki maut na Mr jana

  10. Ala hajrat ne thodai likhi hai ye kitab jisme chisti rasoolallah likha hua hai to unki kitab me koi kufr vali bat btao naki vo vali kitab jo unke maslke valo ne likhi hai

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