Current “Political Crisis” in PAKISTAN ! ! ! Request to PM, CJ & COAS ! Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

Current “Political Crisis” in PAKISTAN ! ! ! Request to PM, CJ & COAS ! Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

Today topic is :Current “Political Crisis” in PAKISTAN ! ! ! Request to PM, CJ & COAS ! Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza.

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Title Current “Political Crisis” in PAKISTAN ! ! ! Request to PM, CJ & COAS ! Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza
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Engineer Muhammad Mirza Ali

Mirza Ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza was born on 4 October 1977 in Jhelum, a city in Punjab, Pakistan. He is a 19th grade mechanical engineer in a government department.

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

Is engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Sunni or Shia?

engineer mirza ali

Engineer Muahmmad Ali Mirza is Sunni, Known "Mulim ilmi kitabi".

How do I contact engineer Muhammad Ali?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

You can call on this phone number, which is "03215900162", and discuss your problem with them.

Who is Mirza Ali of Pakistan?

muhammad mirza ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

What is the age of engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

mirza ali

(Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza) Born: October 4, 1977 (age 46 years) Place: Jhelum Country: Pakistan

What is religion of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is Muslim by religion. He is also known as muslim ilmi kitabi. He says " I,m Muslim Ilmi Kitabi".

What is the Education of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

He is an engineer by profession. And also a "Pakistani Islamic Scholar". He studied in "University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila".


  1. اسٹیبلیشمنٹ کی پچھتر سالہ سیاسی دخل اندازیوں اور عدلیہ کے کٹھ پتلی رول کی وجہ سے آج ہمیں پاکستان تحریک ابلیس جیسے ناسورورں کا سامنا ہے، جو ایک فسادی اور ذہنی بیمار گروہ ہے جس کے شر پسندوں نے احتجاج کے نام پرایدھی کی ایمبو لینس تک جلا دیں۔
    اللہ پی ٹی آئی کے فتنے کو اس ملک سے نیست ونابود فر ما آمین

  2. no one is addressing elephant in the room , democracy is a failed system . west family system , morals, culture has completely being destroyed by demoracy. In truth there is no democracy at the end there is 1 powerful man deciding everything for eg in zardaris democratic time , can you belive that any major decision in the govt could be done by any one if zardari didn't permit , same is the case with every democracy , we should stop fooling our self , democracy is a evil system which prosper by dividing the society ,status quo and elite capture you talk about is by product of democracy, LGBTQ atheism, capitalism these all evils are by product of Democracy , even those greeks and roman who invented it were destroyed by Democracy , each ruler of rome was liket to be called CEASER , who was Julius ceaser , a person against Democracy ,why same reason he gave which we are talking about status quo, who killed him ? Democratic status quo senators , Democracy suits the army as well as they have found loop holes to manipulate it , again its a weak in effective , illogical system of government which is slow and deliberately kept so to create mayhem in the the society .so Pakistan was made on ISLAMIC ground , and we systematically kept islam out of Govt for own petty benefits as ISLAMIC system don't suit the elites. if you wanted democracy why the hell you separated from india then ? democracy stayed there even 200M Muslim still there . we Promised ALLAH that give us a piece of land and we will implement your rule and reach the glory which you promised us , when we rebelled and didn't fulfilled our promise ALLAH slapped you with 1971 took your half country away . we Ourselves broke the Islamic identity which Quaid gave us . Pakistan should have a Upgraded and Updated version of ISLAMIC caliphate , ISLAMIC caliph is not authoritarian ruler as authoritarian ruler are answerable to no one one but ILAMIC ruler is answerable to ALLAH, The council of advisors , and to the people and not status quo mullah's Rule (which again is part of status quo made to control Pakistan) i am talking about System that gave US al berourni , Al Khwarizmi ,Ibn Sina .if we still don't ful fill our promise made to ALLAH , we should Be ready for another Punishment From ALLAH , in form of further breaking of PAKISTAN or something else

  3. علی بھائی آپ کیا کہتے ہیں جذبات میں اگر ہم آپ کے گھر کو آگ لگا دی گئی تو کیا آپ ہمیں معاف کریں گے

  4. انجینئر علی بھائی صاحب ہماری آپ سے ریکویسٹ ہے کہ آپ پی ٹی آئی کے شیطانی اور منافقوں لوگوں کا ساتھ ہرگز نہ دیں آپ جو کام کر رہے ہیں دین کے حوالے سے وہ اچھا ہے بس یہی کریں آپ کیا چاہتے ہیں کہ عمران خان دوبارہ آئے اور پھر فوج پہ حملہ کرے فوج پہ حملہ کرنے والے عمران خان ہے اور انہوں نے اپنے لوگوں کو بھگایا ہے

  5. Woh bachay KARACHI main bhee hotay thay , tm Punjabio ki maaa marti hay jab kisi aur province kay bacho ko utha kar lay jatay hain ?????? Bohat acha hay , jazbat main jis din teray ghar par hamla ho na ALLAMA BAKRI to us din maaf karna

  6. OOO bakri Insan , tu bhee Imran Khan say kum nahi hay chup kar bhaoo bhaoo karna hay buss jab koi jehlum pohnchy to awaz band hoti hay aur topi dramay karta hay …. tera aur Khan ka hisab aik sath hoga beta inshALLAH , hay tu takkay ka nahi aur bateen teri tauba tauba , tu beta Dajjal kay sath bhee R.A lagana jaisay Imran Khan kay sath lagaya tha na 😀 teri funding ruknay wali hogi tabhi tu itni awaz nikal raha hay

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