firqa banana haram hai

firqa banana haram hai

Today topic is :firqa banana haram hai.

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Engineer Muhammad Mirza Ali

Mirza Ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza was born on 4 October 1977 in Jhelum, a city in Punjab, Pakistan. He is a 19th grade mechanical engineer in a government department.

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

Is engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Sunni or Shia?

engineer mirza ali

Engineer Muahmmad Ali Mirza is Sunni, Known "Mulim ilmi kitabi".

How do I contact engineer Muhammad Ali?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

You can call on this phone number, which is "03215900162", and discuss your problem with them.

Who is Mirza Ali of Pakistan?

muhammad mirza ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

What is the age of engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

mirza ali

(Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza) Born: October 4, 1977 (age 46 years) Place: Jhelum Country: Pakistan

What is religion of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is Muslim by religion. He is also known as muslim ilmi kitabi. He says " I,m Muslim Ilmi Kitabi".

What is the Education of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

He is an engineer by profession. And also a "Pakistani Islamic Scholar". He studied in "University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila".


  1. In sha Allah bhaijaaan …
    We will meet in jannah , if not possible in this world .
    Remember me in your dua
    Your student from India .

  2. ENG SAMAJTE YEH 4 kitabe parh k 1400 Sal ka loogo ka Aqeeda barbad kar de ga magar yeh nadaan or bhula hua yeh nai janta Allah swt ki Lathi … BARI BENAYAAZ HE… kab pakr ho jae bas dekhoooo
    Yeh jo Huzoor ki Shan me bakwas karte ise zaroor bar zaroor Pooch ho gi
    Astagfirullah… kitne ase guzre he Jino ne Khudai dawe kiye he (Mazallah) or un ka Haal Dekho Quran e Kareem kol kol kar bayan karte
    Yeh Shaks Jhoota he, ALLAH KI LANAT HO IS PAR , Yeh Huzoor ki Shan me GUSTAKHI karte
    Jhoota he yeh zalim

  3. Pehlay apna aqeeda correct Karo Bhai phir bolo yeh wahabi Sunni shiya,just a waste of time nothing else. Be a Muslim just muslim Bhai.

  4. Kahan ha Sunni,shiya wahabi
    Please proof me from Qur'an and Hadis.
    Agr naii to ap apnay ap ko ahle sunnat fiqa mein kyun add krtay ho Bhai.

  5. Sir u r right. But why r u asking yourself Sunni
    Mein na Sunni na shiya na ahle Hadis hon na duoband hon just muslim Han
    So please leave this Sunni from your name

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