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Haram or Misunderstood? Debunking Common Misconceptions about Islam

Debunking Common Misconceptions about Islam

Islam, the second-largest religion in the world, is often a topic of discussion. Unfortunately, many misconceptions about Islam prevail. Negative stereotypes and misunderstandings have fueled misinformation. In this article, we aim to debunk some of the common misconceptions surrounding Islam, shedding light on the truth.

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1. Islam is a Violent Religion

One of the most widespread misconceptions about Islam is that it promotes violence. This misconception has been perpetuated by the actions of a few extremist groups who claim to act in the name of Islam. However, it is essential to recognize that these extremist beliefs do not represent the vast majority of Muslims.

Islam is a religion of peace and promotes harmony among individuals and communities. The Quran, the holy book of Muslims, emphasizes compassion, justice, and mercy. Acts of violence are condemned, and peaceful resolutions are encouraged.

2. Islam Oppresses Women

Another common misconception about Islam is that it oppresses women. While it is true that certain cultural practices in some Muslim-majority countries restrict women’s rights, these practices are not inherent to Islam itself.

Islam grants women fundamental rights such as the right to education, inheritance, and the right to own property. The Quran emphasizes the equality of men and women and encourages their participation in society. Unfortunately, cultural norms and interpretations have wrongly interpreted Islamic teachings and restricted women’s rights.

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3. Islam Supports Terrorism

Associating Islam with terrorism is a grave misconception. Terrorism is condemned in Islam, and it is explicitly stated in the Quran that killing an innocent person is equivalent to killing all of humanity.

Acts of terrorism committed by individuals or groups do not reflect the teachings of Islam. The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving individuals who do not support or engage in any form of violence.

4. Islam is a Backward Religion

Some individuals wrongly perceive Islam as a backward religion that is incompatible with progress and modernization. However, throughout history, numerous contributions to science, mathematics, philosophy, and literature have been made by Muslim scholars.

Islam encourages seeking knowledge and understanding the world as a means of getting closer to God. Many Islamic civilizations thrived in the past and made substantial advancements in various fields, contributing to the overall progress of humankind.

is it haram
is it haram why


It is crucial to challenge and debunk the common misconceptions surrounding Islam. By understanding the true teachings of Islam and recognizing the diversity within the Muslim community, we can promote tolerance, respect, and harmony among people of different faiths.

Through education and open-mindedness, we can bridge the gap of misunderstanding and build a more inclusive and accepting society.

Faqs about “it feels like everything is haram in muslim religion”

Why does it feel like everything is haram in the Muslim religion?

In Islam, there are guidelines and principles that Muslims follow to lead a righteous and ethical life. The term ‘haram’ refers to actions or things that are prohibited or forbidden according to Islamic law. It may sometimes feel like many things are considered haram because Islam emphasizes the importance of avoiding actions that may lead to harm, sin, or deviate from the teachings of the religion. However, it is essential to understand that not everything is haram, and there are numerous permissible and encouraged things in Islam as well.


Surah Yaseen is a beautifully composed chapter in the Quran that holds immense spiritual importance for Muslims. It is often referred to as the "Heart of the Quran" due to its deep spiritual meanings and messages. The Surah starts with the Arabic letters "Ya Seen," and its verses are filled with divine wisdom and guidance for humanity.
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