Mufti Tariq Masood

Hazrat Nooh [A.S] Ka FULL Waqia | Mufti Tariq Masood

Hazrat Nooh [A.S] Ka FULL Waqia | Mufti Tariq Masood

Today topic is :Hazrat Nooh [A.S] Ka FULL Waqia | Mufti Tariq Masood.

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Mufti Tariq Masood

Mufti Tariq Masood

Mufti Tariq Masood, Urdu: مفتی طارق مسعود; born 4 March 1975) is a Pakistani Deobandi author and Islamic scholar, who lectures at the Jamia Tur Rasheed seminary in Karachi. He has authored many books including Aik se Za’id Shadiyoon ki Zaroorat Kyu.

Mufti Tariq Masood, commonly known as Tariq Masood is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

Who is Mufti Tariq Masood?

Mufti Tariq Masood is a renowned Islamic scholar, speaker, and teacher based in Pakistan. He has a vast following in the Muslim community, and is known for his in-depth knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence and the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

What topics does Mufti Tariq Masood typically speak about?

Mufti Tariq Masood speaks on a wide range of topics related to Islam, including Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), Islamic history, Quranic exegesis (tafsir), and Hadith studies. He is also known for his insightful lectures on contemporary issues facing the Muslim community.

How can I find Mufti Tariq Masood’s lectures and speeches online?

Mufti Tariq Masood's lectures and speeches are widely available on various online platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You can also find his lectures and speeches on his official website.

What is the best way to learn from Mufti Tariq Masood?

The best way to learn from Mufti Tariq Masood is to attend his lectures and speeches in person, if possible. However, if you are unable to attend in person, you can still benefit from his teachings by watching his lectures and speeches online and reading his books and articles.

How can I apply Mufti Tariq Masood’s teachings to my daily life?

You can apply Mufti Tariq Masood's teachings to your daily life by striving to follow the teachings of Islam in all aspects of your life. This includes following the principles of Islamic jurisprudence, living a moral and ethical life, and seeking knowledge and understanding of the Quran and Sunnah.

What is the significance of Mufti Tariq Masood’s teachings in the Muslim community?

Mufti Tariq Masood's teachings are highly regarded in the Muslim community, and he is known for his deep understanding of Islamic jurisprudence and the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. His teachings are seen as a source of guidance and inspiration for Muslims around the world.

How does Mufti Tariq Masood approach contemporary issues facing the Muslim community?

Mufti Tariq Masood approaches contemporary issues facing the Muslim community by analyzing them in the context of Islamic teachings and principles. He seeks to provide guidance and solutions that are rooted in Islamic jurisprudence and the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, while also taking into account the social and cultural context in which these issues arise.

What is Mufti Tariq Masood’s approach to interfaith dialogue?

Mufti Tariq Masood is known for his approach to interfaith dialogue, which emphasizes mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation between people of different faiths. He encourages Muslims to engage in dialogue with people of other faiths in order to promote peace, harmony, and understanding.

How does Mufti Tariq Masood view the role of women in Islam?

Mufti Tariq Masood views the role of women in Islam as essential and important. He emphasizes the need for women to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be given equal opportunities to pursue education, careers, and other interests. He also stresses the importance of women's role as mothers and caregivers in the family and society.

What is Mufti Tariq Masood’s advice for young Muslims?

Mufti Tariq Masood's advice for young Muslims is to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives, while always keeping the teachings of Islam in mind.

Mufti Tariq masood is shia or sunni?

Mufti Tariq Masood is sunni.

Mufti Tariq Masood

Mufti Tariq Masood is a distinguished Islamic scholar and a beacon of knowledge in the Muslim community. With his profound expertise in Islamic sciences, he has become a respected figure in the field of religious education and guidance. Drawing upon the teachings of the Quran and Hadith, Mufti Tariq Masood has devoted himself to elucidating the beauty and wisdom of Islam to people from all walks of life.


  1. danasour ki nasl nooh a.s ke toofan se nahi halak huyi thi
    Inki nasl Hazrat Adam a.s ke zamane Mai halak huyi thi
    Hazrat Adam a.s se pahle inki hi nasl thi duniya Mai
    Lekin jab Allah ne the big bang Kiya to inki nasal khatm ho gayi us big bang se

  2. What is God?
    Whole universal is god.. God is not a supreme..
    He is everything..
    There is no religion for god..
    Sanathana dharma is not a religion..
    Way of living..

  3. Someone who believes Hinduism (Dharmic) (Eternal, Truth, Infinity) Hindhuism is sometimes misunderstood as polytheism, but belief means believing in the most ultimate reality. It has always been a very mature, plural tradition only. Not many gods, but many ways of thinking about spirituality. That is to say, means accepting a supreme personality. A WAY OF LIFE N UNIVERSE NOT A RELIGION.
    All the organs and cells of the body are functioning by a single soul, seeing with intelligent eyes, hearing with ears
    The ears are like hearing, as well as the Supreme God having many forms, He always works in different forms but is one,
    Despite his many manifestations, he is one, that is, God is omnipotent, because there is no difference between the atom of water in your house and the sea, just as a small piece of your soul forgets His presence and does deeds (good or bad).
    Dharma in short is a diverse celebration of human knowledge.
    Celebrating life and nature is an integral part of orthodox culture
    The thing is, the gods in Hinduism have different consciousnesses. They sometimes fought with each other and in some cases did bad things
    How your eyes and other senses pull you towards unwanted things, but your mind and soul fight against it, as well as all the illustrations given in our own scriptures on how to lead a moral life, your own If your own feelings struggle with your own mind or soul. I urge you not to look at external illustrations, but know the morality that justifies it
    Please do not call it religion / Hinduism, this is our way of life, God did not teach us religion and if we do things without ego, He promises that He will be within you and you will achieve Him. And we need morality to live as human beings more than religion, so we need to get morals from all sources regardless of religion
    Virtue evolved and led human beings from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light. "Tanso Ma Jyotirgamaya". There is no other religion to compete with soThere is no concept of name and rules and conversion to denigrate other religion. You cannot criticize or compete that does not exist.
    Whole Ancient Science exist through Dharmic.. And scientific culture came into exist through Dharmic principles..,Through out the Universe.
    Sanatana Dharma allows a person to explore the truth, to follow a path or to create his own path to reach the goal of ‘Brahma’ by the power and consciousness of the universe.
    It can incorporate non-theistic approaches as well as religious approaches to achieve spiritual progress.
    This is called spiritual democracy. .. "religious polygamy" in lovely terms.
    There are many ways to explore spirituality.A form of idolatry book idolatry. The contents of the book,
    And I encourage spiritual humanist thinking
    This principle is humanity, male and female, and living and non-living … materials, the universe.
    You are the clear manifestation of God on earth.
    In one, the Eternal universe, but it allows for a personalized approach.
    The human form that suits us, the forms that live with it, the nature, the wonders, the imaginations, the scriptures, the concepts, the worship, the prayers, and why we respond to God
    Sanatana Dharma is for a person to explore the truth, to follow a path or to create his own path to reach the goal of 'Brahma' by the power and consciousness of the universe
    Lets create a path.
    "Through God, for God, with God".
    We have restored this principle and personality.We agree to follow God’s spiritual democracy.
    Multi-Spiritual Thought, (Spiritual Multi-Thought Method). Many rivers to one ocean, many ways to reach God
    ..Spiritual democracy.
    Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism)
    (Spiritual Democracy ..
    I encourage spiritual divine humanistic thinking
    (real Infinite Eternal gods lightways)

  4. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim
    Muhammed al Mahdi a.s. is arrived
    The miracle of splitting the moon is the division of Prophethood into two.
    The first half of the moon is Muhammed Mustafa s.a.v, and the second half of the moon is Muhammad Mahdi a.s.
    The Prophet s.a.v said: I am the beginning of Islam, Mahdi a.s is the end of Islam.
    Quran Surah Qamar 1 confirms the moon split: the doomsday approached. the moon was split.
    ALLAH sends that knowledge with angel a.s
    Hadith: ALLAH will give him the knowledge in one night.
    Hadith:Our Prophet s.a.v said: I find Mahdi in the suhuf of the prophets.
    ALLAH send Muhammed Mehdi aleyhisselam as a Nebi Prophet.
    In Quran Surah Ahzab 40: Muhammed Mustafa s.a.v. is the Rasul. Muhammed Mehdi aleyhisselam is the Nebi
    In Quran Surah An Nalm 82: Muhammed Mehdi aleyhisselam is the Dabbe.
    (Since people are created from soil, We bring forth Dabbe out of the ground).
    The rise of the sun from the west is the appearance of Muhammad Mahdi Aleyhisselam from the west.
    Whoever denies the Mahdi after the sun has risen from the west, the door of Towba will be closed.
    ALLAH c.c is sufficient as a witness

    F a c e b o o k : Muhammed Mehdi aleyhisselam zuhur etmistir

  5. Pakistan tab tak tarraki ni kr skta jab tak inn jaise radical Islamist rahenge, development ko religion rokta hai. Jahan bhi radicalism hai wahan kabhi bhi development ni ho skta…

  6. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.mufti Sahab AP ne bohot se logo k Dil or Zindagi ko badal dia he,Allah pak apko Dunia o akhrat har naimat ata Karen or akhrat me apko jannatul firdaus me buland maqam ata ho,Allah pak apko sehat o tandrusti wali lambi umer ata Karen ameeen ♥️

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