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Is It Haram for a Muslim to Touch a Dog? Understanding the Sharia Law

Overview of Haram and Sharia Law

Islam prescribes a comprehensive way of life that extends beyond the confines of prayer to govern daily activities. This guide to living encompasses both religious obligations, or biddah, and prohibited activities labelled as haram. Among the affairs considered haram – that is, forbidden – is the touching of dogs, but like many Islamic teachings, this edict comes with subtleties and nuances to understand

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The Prohibition and Its Historical Context

Reading our historical texts, one finds many Hadith, or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, that suggest a negative view of dogs. The Prophet is reported to have said: “The prayer of a Muslim is interrupted by a dog passing in front of him,” illustrating the perceived potential for spiritual impurity that dogs could bring. Furthermore, upon observing a black dog, he reportedly stated: “It is a devil.” Such accounts have contributed significantly to the prevailing perception amongst many Muslims that dogs are inherently impure.

Understanding the Rationale

The prohibition against touching dogs aligns with the Islamic principle of spiritual purity, or Tahara. The Sharia Law states, that touching a dog may make a Muslim impure necessitating ablution, or wudu, which is the process of ritual purification before prayer.

is it haram
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Modern Interpretations and Variations

While the traditional view leans towards the prohibition of touching dogs, there is a diversity of opinion within the Muslim community on this issue. Some argue that the prohibitions were contextual for the time and place of Prophet Muhammad and are not universally applicable. Others suggest that only the dog’s saliva is impure and that merely touching a dog is not haram. Etiquettes for interacting with dogs, without necessarily touching them, have also been proposed – for example, feeding and caring for stray dogs has been encouraged.

is it haram
is it haram why


The question of whether it is haram for a Muslim to touch a dog is not black and white, as various interpretations exist within Islamic jurisprudence. Like many aspects of Sharia law, it requires a nuanced understanding amid evolving societal norms. Each Muslim, guided by their scholars, must navigate and interpret these issues. However, it is clear that Islamic ethics promote kindness towards all of God’s creatures, including dogs.

Faqs about “is it haram for a muslim to touch a dog”

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Is it haram for a Muslim to touch a dog?

It is not considered outright haram for a Muslim to touch a dog, but the saliva of a dog is considered unclean according to Islamic law.

Can Muslims have dogs as pets?

Keeping a dog as a pet, in a house is considered haram in Islam. Dogs are allowed for security and hunting purposes only.

How do you do wudu after touching a dog?

If a Muslim touches a dog, they are required to clean the body part which came into contact with the dog’s saliva seven times, once with dirt, and wash their hands before performing wudu.

What is considered unclean in Islam?

In Islam, things such as dead animals, blood, pork, alcohol, urine, and the saliva of dogs are considered unclean or “Najis”.

Can I touch a dog during Ramadan?

Yes, you can touch a dog during Ramadan. However, it’s the dog’s saliva that is considered impure and requires ablution before prayers.

Why is the saliva of a dog considered impure?

It’s a ruling based on hadiths and scholars have derived this rule considering cleanliness and hygiene factors.

Can Muslims hold and hug dogs?

While it’s not haram to touch dogs or any other animals, if a Muslim’s clothes or body comes into contact with a dog’s saliva, they are considered unclean and must undergo a specific cleansing process.

What happens if a dog licks me while I’m fasting?

If a dog licks you while you’re fasting, your fast does not break. However, you have to cleanse yourself if the saliva contacts your body or clothing.

What pets can Muslims have?

Muslims can own any pets other than dogs and pigs, such as cats, birds, fish etc. as they are not considered impure.

What is the Islamic stance on animal rights?

Islam teaches kindness towards every living creature. Cruelty towards animals is strongly condemned in Islam.


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