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Is It Haram for Men to Shave? Understanding Islamic Laws on Grooming

Understanding the Term ‘Haram’

In the Islamic faith, the term ‘haram’ refers to any actions or activities that are considered sin or are prohibited by Allah, the Supreme Being of Muslims. This takes numerous shapes and forms, and includes matters of personal grooming, such as shaving for men.

is it haram
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The Islamic View on Male Grooming

Islam has specific teachings regarding personal appearance and cleanliness. Encouraging cleanliness, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is quoted as saying: “Cleanliness is half of faith.” However, Islam also sets guidelines regarding how one should maintain bodily grooming.

Understanding the concept of grooming in Islam extends beyond the simple act of shaving. It involves a wider range of actions including nasal and mouth hygiene, clipping nails, and trimming mustache, among other activities. The teachings proffer that keeping one’s body clean and well-groomed as part of respecting Allah’s creations.

Is Shaving Haram for Men in Islam?

While Islam encourages cleanliness and grooming, there’s often confusion surrounding whether or not it’s haram (forbidden) for men to shave their beards and body hair. The confusion mainly stems from differing interpretations of the Hadiths by Islamic scholars.

is it haram
is it haram why

A substantial number of scholars believe that men should let their beards grow and it’s haram to trim it, based on several narrations of Hadiths such as the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) when he commanded to “trim closely the moustache and let the beard flow (Grow).” Moreover, the act of completely shaving the beard may be seen as imitating women, which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) forbade.

On the other hand, there are scholars who dispute that the act of shaving is merely makruh (disapproved but not sinful) rather than haram. They argue that the Hadiths do not explicitly state that shaving is haram.

The Interpretation by Different Islamic Schools of Thought

Different Islamic schools of thought interpret these Hadiths and teachings about shaving differently. Generally, the Hanafi and Hanbali school of thoughts view shaving the beard as haram. Meanwhile, the Shafi’i and Maliki schools of thought consider it to be disliked, but not haram.

These contrasting views demonstrate the cultural and scholarly variations in interpreting Islamic laws, emphasising the importance of understanding the context and purpose behind each teaching.

is it haram
is it haram why


In conclusion, whether or not shaving is considered haram for men in Islam largely depends on the interpretation of Hadiths and beliefs of different Islamic scholars and schools of thought. Nevertheless, it is universally agreed upon that personal grooming and cleanliness are encouraged in Islam, acting as an expression of respect towards Allah’s creation. This serves as an essential reminder for Muslims to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene while respecting the teachings and guidelines of their faith.

Faqs about “is it haram for men to shave”

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Is it haram for men to shave their beard in Islam?

There is a difference of opinion among scholars. Some believe shaving the beard is haram (prohibited) based on certain Hadiths, while others consider it permissible but not advisable.

Is it haram to shave the moustache in Islam?

Trimming the moustache greatly is generally considered acceptable and even recommended in Islam, but completely shaving it off can be seen as makruh (discouraged) by some scholars.

Is shaving body hair haram in Islam?

Shaving body hair is not considered haram in Islam. However, it is recommended to not leave more than forty days pass without removing the hair from the armpits and the pubic area.

Is it haram to shave eyebrows in Islam?

Shaping, trimming or shaving the eyebrows is generally considered haram by majority of scholars.

Does shaving break the wudu in Islam?

No, shaving does not break the wudu (ablution) in Islam.

Is shaving your head haram in Islam?

No, shaving one’s head is not haram in Islam. In fact, it is a traditional Sunnah for men upon completion of Hajj.

Can a Muslim man shave his chest hair?

Yes, a Muslim man can shave his chest hair. There are no explicit prohibitions regarding this.

Is it considered haram for Muslim men to use shaving cream?

Using shaving cream is not considered haram unless it contains haram ingredients, such as pig derivatives.

Is it haram to shave hair between eyebrows?

No, it is not haram to remove the hair between the eyebrows.

Is it haram for men to shave their legs in Islam?

Majority of the scholars do not consider shaving legs haram for men, although it isn’t a common practice.



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