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Is It Haram for Men to Wear a Necklace? Debunking Myths

Interpreting Haram in Islam

Understanding the term Haram in the scope of Islamic doctrinaire is critical to debating over its application on habits such as men wearing necklaces. In Islamic jurisprudence, Haram refers to actions that are unequivocally prohibited by the Quran. These acts are not merely discouraged, but engaging in them is considered a sin.

is it haram
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Is Wearing a Necklace Haram for Men?

Contrary to widely popular myths, there is no clear mention in the Quran or Hadith that prohibits men from wearing necklaces. The assertion that it’s Haram for men to wear a necklace is more culturally oriented than religiously, with various interpretations anchored in context, purpose, and societal norms.

Demystifying the Oddity and Taboo

The primary restraints against men adorning necklaces come from social constructs and gender roles rather than religious directives. While it’s uncommon in certain societies for men to wear necklaces, these are cultural norms not dictated by Islamic law.

is it haram
is it haram why

When Might it Be Considered Haram?

While wearing a necklace is not expressly Haram, certain instances can render it so. For instance, if the necklace becomes a form of idolatry or shirk, it veers into Haram territory. Similarly, if the necklace is made of gold or it involves ‘Tashabbuh bil-Kuffar’ (imitation of non-Muslims in matters that are specifically regarded as part of their religion or peculiar to them), then according to a number of scholars, it constitutes Haram.

is it haram
is it haram why


So, Is it Haram for men to wear a necklace from an Islamic perspective? The answer is not cut and dried. It largely depends on the intention, form, and substance associated with its usage. What is clear is that misconceptions and confusion often arise due to blending cultural practices with religious beliefs. As Muslims, it’s crucial to understand and separate the two to avoid being mired in baseless arguments that dim the light of Islam’s real teachings.

Faqs about “is it haram for men to wear a necklace”

Is it haram for men to wear a necklace in Islam?

The scholars of Islam have different opinions on this matter. Some believe it is permissible if the necklace isn’t made of gold or silk which is specifically forbidden for men. Others view it as more of a cultural taboo. In general, it’s best to consult with your local Imam or scholar on personal matters like this.

Why can’t Muslim men wear gold in Islam?

This stems from several Hadiths where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) expressly forbade men from wearing gold, saying that these are reserved for women in this world and for men in the Hereafter.

Can men wear silver necklaces in Islam?

Yes, typically silver is not prohibited in Islam for men to wear. However, it should not express extravagance or imitate women’s jewelry.

What is the ruling on wearing necklaces with Islamic symbols for men?

There is no clear consensus. Some scholars permit it if it is a reminder of faith or an expression of Muslim identity. However, it is always advised that these matters should be referred to one’s personal understanding and local scholars.

Are men allowed to wear any type of jewelry in Islam?

In general, men are allowed to wear silver rings and certain types of bracelets. Any kind of gold and silk are expressly forbidden. As for other types, scholars have different opinions and it’s best to refer to them.

Is wearing necklaces for men a form of imitating women?

In some cultures, wearing necklaces is predominantly a female practice, in which case a man doing so could potentially be construed as imitating women, and thus, be seen as Haram. However, views may vary from culture to culture, and person to person.

Is wearing a necklace with Allah’s name or Ayat Haram for men?

No, it is not Haram unless it is done for superstition or made of prohibited materials. However, it is essential to ensure that it is treated with respect at all times.

Can Muslim men wear gold plated necklaces?

The mainstream opinion is that anything which has gold in it, even if it’s just gold plated, is considered Haram for men to wear.

Can men wear necklaces of beads or stones in Islam?

There is no explicit rule about wearing necklaces made of beads or stones. However, it should be kept simple and should not symbolize extravagance or imitate women’s jewelry.

Are there exceptions to the rule of no gold for men?

According to the majority of scholars, there are no exceptions. The gold prohibition also applies to gold-plated items and alloys with gold in them.


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