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Is It Haram for Men to Wear Gold? Exploring Islamic Beliefs

A Deep-Dive into Islamic Beliefs: Is It Haram for Men to Wear Gold?

The Islamic religion, like other faiths, is guided by several teachings and principles that govern the lifestyle and behaviors of its adherents. One of these teachings refers to the prohibition of men wearing gold. Is it indeed Haram for men to wear gold? This article embarks on a comprehensive exploration of the Islamic belief to answer this question.

is it haram
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Understanding the Concept of Haram

First and foremost, it is crucial to elaborate on the term ‘Haram.’ In Arabic, Haram is a term that denotes something forbidden or prohibited in Islam based on the religion’s sacred texts—the Quran and Sunnah. It’s significant to note that Haram commandments are strictly adhered to by believers, as violations attract grave consequences in the afterlife according to Islamic doctrines.

The Prohibition of Wearing Gold for Men

The banning of men from wearing gold is explicitly addressed in the religion’s prophetic traditions (Hadiths), believed to be the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He is reported to have said, “Gold and silk have been made lawful for the females of my nation and forbidden for the males.” This statement strongly implies that men in the Islamic faith are prohibited from adorning themselves with gold.

is it haram
is it haram why

Rationale Behind the Prohibition

One might wonder, “Why is it Haram for men to wear gold?” The primary justification behind this prohibition is to prevent arrogance, vanity, and extravagance, which Islam discourages. Men are encouraged to be humble and maintain a modest appearance. Gold, due to its association with wealth and luxury, contradicts this Islamic notion of humility.

is it haram
is it haram why


This exploration has affirmed the Islamic belief that it is indeed Haram for men to wear gold. The prohibition originates from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) exhibited in various Hadith. While it might seem restrictive to non-adherents, it’s essential to understand that this rule contributes to promoting modesty and humility among men within the Islamic community—an element esteemed highly in the religion.

Faqs about “is it haram for man to wear gold”

Is it haram for a man to wear gold in Islam?

Yes, in Islam, it is generally considered haram or forbidden for men to wear gold. This is based on various Hadiths recorded from the Prophet Muhammad.

What is the Islamic ruling on men wearing gold chains?

The ruling is the same. Gold chains are considered gold and are seen as haram for men to wear in Islam.

Can a man wear white gold in Islam?

White gold contains gold, and since it is haram for men to wear gold in Islam, it’s also not permissible to wear white gold.

Is it haram for a man to wear a gold ring?

Yes, according to most interpretations of Islamic law, it is haram for men to wear any form of gold, including gold rings.

Why is it specifically men who are forbidden from wearing gold?

This is based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Many scholars say gold was forbidden for men as a way to ensure the distinction between the two genders.

Are men allowed to wear silver?

Yes, in most interpretations of Islam, silver is not haram and can be worn by men.

Is gold plated jewelry also haram for men?

Yes, because gold plating still uses gold in its process, it’s seen as forbidden for men in Islam.

Can gold be used in men’s watches?

If the watch is made from gold or contains gold, it is not permissible for men to wear according to the traditional Islamic law.

Are there any exceptions where men can wear gold?

There aren’t any known exceptions in traditional interpretations of Islamic law. However, questions of necessity or medical reasons could potentially be discussed with a knowledgeable Islamic Scholar.

What happens if a man wears gold unintentionally?

Islamic law generally holds that acts committed unintentionally do not carry the same weight as intentional acts. But once a man knows, it’s his duty to refrain from wearing it.


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