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Is It Haram For Men To Wear Necklaces? Religious Perspectives Explored

Understanding Haram and Halal

In the Islamic context, “Haram” defines actions that are prohibited by the religion, while “Halal” consists of actions permissible under Islamic law. Anything that falls beyond these two extremes is considered doubtful or “grey area.” The debate over the permissibility of men wearing necklaces often falls into this “grey area.”

is it haram
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Islamic Perspective on Men Wearing Necklaces

There isn’t a definitive statement in the Quran that directly forbids men from wearing necklaces. However, some Islamic scholars interpret the prohibition against men adopting the appearance or dress habits of women as suggesting that men should not wear necklaces. This interpretation comes from a Hadith quote from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which discourages men from imitating women and vice versa.

Interpretations from Hadiths

Often, the issue comes down to interpretations of certain Hadiths. Some Hadiths also emphasise modesty and warn against extravagance in dress. Therefore, if wearing a necklace is seen as a form of excessive adornment or ostentatious display of wealth, it could potentially be viewed as Haram within this context.

is it haram
is it haram why

Reasons for Consideration

Many scholars suggest that men wearing necklaces might be considered Haram if it leads to imitation of females, excessive display of wealth, or disturbs the peace and unity within a Muslim community by causing unnecessary disagreements. However, if a man were to wear a necklace for a purpose deemed Halal, such as carrying a medical alert tag, this might be considered permissible by some scholars.

is it haram
is it haram why


Whether it’s Haram for men to wear necklaces is subject to interpretation and sometimes personal conviction. As in many issues within Islamic jurisprudence, there can be different views. The best course of action is to consult knowledgeable Islamic scholars and make a decision based on their advice together with personal conviction. The core intent, in the end, is to foster an individual’s connection to Allah and to fulfil their duties as a Muslim. If a certain practice disrupts this peace and spiritual journey, then it might be best to avoid it.

Faqs about “is it haram for men to wear necklace”

Is it haram for men to wear necklaces in Islam?

There is no explicit mention in the Quran or Hadith that states it is haram for men to wear necklaces. However, some scholars interpret avoiding adornment as applying to wearing jewellery like necklaces.

Why might some people consider it haram for men to wear necklaces in Islam?

Some believe that if a man wears a necklace, it can be seen as copying women’s adornment, which is discouraged in Islamic teachings.

Is it permissible for men to wear necklaces for reasons other than adornment?

Yes, if the necklace has religious significance or is worn for protection or identification purposes, some scholars would argue it is permissible.

Can a man wear a necklace made from a non-gold material?

Yes, it is generally understood that men in Islam are allowed to wear necklaces made from other materials, as long as the purpose is not for adornment.

Are there different interpretations regarding men wearing necklaces in different parts of the Muslim world?

Yes, there can be differing interpretations based on cultural influence and local practices, and even individual scholarly interpretations.

What does the Quran say about men wearing jewellery?

The Quran does not specifically address men wearing jewellery. However, some interpret sections dealing with humility and modesty to discourage men from wearing jewellery.

Are there any exceptions to men wearing necklaces in Islam?

Some scholars believe exceptions can be made for certain types of necklaces such as religious or protection amulets.

Can men wear necklaces with religious symbols in Islam?

Some might argue it is permissible if the symbol holds deep religious significance. However, this is up to individual interpretation.

Is there a specific Hadith that prohibits men from wearing necklaces?

No specific Hadith prohibits men from wearing necklaces. However, some might infer such a prohibition from Hadiths that encourage modesty and discourage imitating the opposite gender.

What is the consensus among scholars regarding men wearing necklaces in Islam?

There is no unanimous consensus. The interpretation varies between different scholars and can depend on the reasoning and intention behind wearing the necklace.


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