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Is it Haram if a Cat Licks You? Exploring Islamic Teachings

Introduction to Islamic Teachings About Animals

The Islamic faith holds a vast array of teachings regarding various aspects of life, including human-animal interactions. One prevalent question among Muslims, particularly those who have pets, centers around the purity of cats and whether it is Haram if a cat licks you. Haram is an Arabic term meaning ‘forbidden’ in Islam. In this exploration, we delve into Islamic teachings to find the answer to this question.

is it haram
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The Islamic Perspective on Animals

In Islam, animals are respected and seen as creations of Allah. They have rights and humans have the duty to protect and care for them. Cats, in particular, are loved and respected in Islamic tradition. Prophet Muhammad was very fond of cats and treated them with kindness. In fact, there are various Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) that narrate his interactions with cats.

Is It Haram If a Cat Licks You?

If a cat licks you, it does not make you impure or Najis. In Islamic jurisprudence, cats are regarded as pure (Tahir) animals. Islamic scholars agree that the saliva of a cat does not invalidate a Muslim’s purity. This ruling is based on a Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah (a companion of Prophet Muhammad loved by cats), in which he reported that Prophet Muhammad gave permission to perform Wudu (ritual purification) from the same water which a cat has drunk.

is it haram
is it haram why

Cat’s Saliva and Prayers

Further evidence indicates that if a cat licks you, it does not affect your prayer’s validity. Given that the cat itself is Tahir, its saliva also falls under the same ruling. Therefore, having a cat lick you will not require you to do a Wudu again, unlike when in contact with Najis elements.

is it haram
is it haram why


Taking into account the Hadiths and the consensus among the scholars, it can be definitively stated that it is not Haram if a cat licks you. The love and respect for cats ingrained in Islamic doctrine makes them Tahir, including their saliva. However, fundamental cleanliness is still greatly advised in Islam, therefore washing the licked area makes sense in terms of general hygiene. Always remember, Islam promotes kindness and love towards all creatures, and the relationship between humans and pets should be grounded in compassion and care.

Faqs about “is it haram if a cat licks you”

Is it Haram if a Cat Licks you?

No, it is not haram if a cat licks you in Islam. Cats are considered clean animals in Islamic tradition.

What should I do if a cat lick me?

There’s no specific action required if a cat licks you in Islam. However, if you’re concerned about cleanliness, you can simply wash the area where the cat licked.

Why are cats considered clean animals in Islam?

Cats are considered clean in Islamic tradition because of many Hadiths that narrate Prophet Muhammad’s interactions with cats without him needing to perform ablution after.

Can a cat affect my prayer in Islam?

No, a cat does not invalidate your prayer according to Islamic laws. If a cat passes in front of you while you are praying, it does not affect your prayer.

Can a cat break my wudu?

No, a cat cannot break your wudu in Islam. Interaction with cats, including them licking you, does not invalidate the wudu (ablution).

Are any animals considered haram to touch in Islam?

Yes, Islam prohibits contact with certain animals like pigs and dogs, as they are considered ‘Najis’ or impure.

Do cats have a special place in Islam?

Yes, cats do hold a special place in Islam. There are Hadiths where Prophet Mohammed showed kindness to cats and even allowed them in mosques.

What is the Islamic view point on keeping cats as pets?

It is completely permissible to keep cats as pets in Islam. They are loved and cherished in the Islamic tradition.

Can a cat licking me interrupt my fasting in Ramadan?

No, a cat licking you does not interrupt your fast during Ramadan. The cat is considered a clean animal and its saliva does not break your fast in Islam.

Is it permissible for a cat to drink from the same water as us?

Yes, it is permissible. There are Hadiths indicating that Prophet Mohammed drank from the same water from which a cat had drunk.


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