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Is it Haram in Islam to Have a Dog? Unfolding the Truth

The Perception of Dogs in Islam

The perception of dogs in Islam has often been the subject of misconception. While Islam is a religion that respects all of God’s creations, the status of dogs in this faith is slightly complex. The Qur’an depicts dogs as loyal and protective beings, and there’s a popular story known as the “People of the Cave (Ashab Al-Kahf),” where a faithful dog accompanies a group of youths in their divinely inspired sleep. Nonetheless, there’s a common belief in the muslim community that dogs are impure creatures and to keep them as pets is forbidden or ‘haram.’ The complexities arise from various interpretations and misunderstandings of hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad).

is it haram
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Understanding Haram and its Application

Haram, in Islam, refers to anything that is explicitly prohibited by the faith’s law, Shari’a. The word literally translates to ‘forbidden’ or ‘prohibited.’ It’s important to note that any actions categorized as haram have severe spiritual repercussions if carried out without justifiable reasons. However, is it indeed haram to have dogs in Islam?

Is Keeping Dogs Haram in Islam?

The idea of dogs being haram springs from a series of hadiths by Prophet Muhammad. According to these hadiths, the Prophet advised against keeping dogs inside the house and declared the saliva of a dog to be ‘najis’ (impure). However, he also allowed the keeping of dogs for legitimate reasons such as protection, farming, and hunting. Hence, owning dogs in these contexts is not considered haram.

is it haram
is it haram why

The Cultural Perspective on Dogs

It’s worth mentioning that cultural norms and perceptions play a considerable role in influencing how people view dogs in several predominantly Muslim societies. Dogs are often viewed negatively in these regions due to longstanding cultural beliefs that do not necessarily have a firm religious basis. Misinterpretation of the Islamic teachings may have reinforced these cultural beliefs, leading to the popular but widely mistaken belief that having a dog is haram in Islam.

is it haram
is it haram why


In conclusion, it’s not entirely accurate to label dogs as haram in Islam. Yes, there are certain restrictions linked to keeping dogs, especially inside the home. The main concern centers around hygiene, given that dog saliva is considered impure. However, Islam also recognizes the utility value of dogs in guarding homes and understands their role in companionship. Therefore, the interpretation of whether keeping a dog is haram in Islam depends heavily on the context, purpose, and the way the owner handles their pet’s hygiene.

Faqs about “is it haram in islam to have a dog”

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Is it haram to keep a dog as a pet in Islam?

In Islam, it is generally considered haram to keep a dog as a pet, although it can depend on the specific interpretation of Islamic law (Sharia). Dogs can be kept for protection or hunting purposes, but must be kept outside the home.

Can a Muslim touch a dog?

According to most scholars, touching a dog does not break one’s wudu, but the dog’s saliva is considered najis (impure), and thus requires that the person wash the affected area properly.

Are dogs considered impure in Islam?

In Islam, it is a common belief that dogs are impure. This is based on interpretations of the Hadith, a collection of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Are there any exceptions about owning a dog in Islam?

Yes, there are exceptions. It is generally accepted that dogs can be kept for protection, hunting, farming, or if a dog is trained to guide the visually impaired.

Are all animals considered impure in Islam?

No, not all animals are considered to be impure in Islam. The concept of impurity mainly applies to dogs and pigs.

Can Muslims have cats as pets?

Yes, Muslims can have cats as pets. In fact, it is recorded that the Prophet Muhammad had a cat and he treated it kindly.

Is it possible to own a dog and still maintain Islamic purity?

Yes, it is possible, but it requires maintaining certain guidelines, such as keeping the dog outside the living area and cleaning any area where the dog’s saliva may have come into contact with.

How do Muslims cleanse themselves if they have touched a dog?

If a Muslim touches a dog, particularly the saliva, they are required to cleanse the area by washing it thoroughly with water.

What is the reason behind the Islamic view on dogs?

The Islamic view on dogs is largely derived from specific Hadith. This should be seen in the context of Arabic culture and tradition, where dogs were not typically kept as pets inside the home.

Is it haram to treat dogs cruelly?

Yes, it is haram to treat dogs, or any animals, cruelly. Islam advocates kindness and respect towards animals.


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