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Is It Haram to Accept a Credit Card Bonus? Understanding Islamic Finance

Understanding Haram and Halal Financial Transactions

The Islamic faith provides guidelines for all aspects of life, including finances. It defines certain actions as haram (forbidden) and others as halal (allowed), which followers must adhere to. An important area that raises questions in the modern world is the issue of credit cards and more specifically, the bonuses offered by credit card companies.

is it haram
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Islamic Banking Principles

Middle Eastern financial institutions issued the first Islamic credit cards in the late 1990s. The primary motive behind their development has always been the alignment with Islamic belief, specifically regarding the prohibition of interest, often referred to as Riba.

Riba in a financial context refers to any unjustifiable increase of capital, whether in loans, sales, or other forms of transactions. The Prophet Muhammad warned against Riba, saying, “Avoid the seven grievous sins… consuming Riba is one of them”. Therefore, the practice of giving credit card bonuses that are linked to any interest-bearing transactions may be seen as haram as it might fall under the classification of Riba.

Credit Card Bonus – Is It Haram?

Credit card bonuses come in different forms. They can be points which can be redeemed later, cashback, or discounts on future purchases. If these bonuses are seen as a form of Riba or ‘interest’ on spending, then from an Islamic perspective, these bonuses can be classified as haram.

This, however, greatly depends on the nature of the bonus. If, for example, the bonus is a cashback offer that’s a percentage of the total spending through the card, it’s generally considered a form of ‘rebate’ and not Riba; hence, it can be permissible from an Islamic point of view.

is it haram
is it haram why

Taking a Deeper Look at the Credit Card Bonus Issue

In practice, discerning whether a credit card bonus is haram or halal can be complex. Many scholars argue that rewards and bonuses offered by credit card companies do not constitute Riba because they are merely incentivizing use rather than lending money. As such, these incentives can be seen as a form of ‘gift’ that is not repaid.

However, many Islamic scholars argue that the bonuses a cardholder accrues from missed or late payments fall under the category of Riba because the credit card company profits from the delay in payment, which is strongly prohibited in Islam.

is it haram
is it haram why


Overall, the Islamic verdict on whether it is haram to accept a credit card bonus can depend on several factors, from the nature of the bonus to an individual’s financial circumstances and even their intention when using the card. While some bonuses may be permissible, others may not, highlighting the importance of understanding the principles of Islamic finance and how they apply to credit card transactions. It’s always recommended for individuals to consult with knowledge scholars or religious advisors to clarify any doubts.

Faqs about “is it haram to accept a credit card bonus”

Is it haram to accept a credit card bonus?

Islamic principles do not promote dealing with interest (usury / Riba), which is normally part of credit card operations. However, views on credit card bonuses differ among scholars. Some consider it haram if it’s seen as a form of Riba, while others may not. It’s recommended to consult with a knowledgeable Islamic scholar or your local Imam for specific guidance.

Does Shari’ah law allow for credit card bonuses?

When it comes to Shari’ah law, it’s important to note that it strictly prohibits Riba (usury/interest). Credit card bonuses may be seen as a form of Riba, thus contradicting Shari’ah. However, views can differ among scholars and interpretations.

If a person unaware of it being haram accepts a credit card bonus, will it be considered haram?

In Islam, things become haram on the basis of knowledge and intention. If someone did not know that a certain action is haram, their lack of knowledge doesn’t generally equate to sin or blame. However, once they are made aware, they should stop the haram action and ideally seek repentance.

Can I donate my credit card bonus if I consider it haram?

Yes, you could choose to give the bonus away to charity if you consider it haram. However, this does not guarantee the action is considered halal and it is recommended to consult with an Islamic scholar for guidance.

Do any Islamic banks offer halal credit card bonuses?

Some Islamic banks do offer credit cards that are in line with Islamic laws and might offer promotions or rewards. These banking models aim to comply with the prohibition on Riba (interest). It’s advisable to check the terms and conditions or consult with the respective bank or an Islamic scholar for clarity.

What alternatives do I have to standard credit cards if I aim to avoid haram transactions?

You could consider using a debit card which only uses money present in your account. Alternatively, you can use Islamic Credit Cards provided by Islamic banks, which operate under the principles of Islamic finance and are intended to be free from any haram transactions.

Why might some consider credit card bonuses as haram?

The primary reason is that these bonuses could be regarded as an incentive for partaking in the Riba (interest) system, which is prohibited in Islam. However, it does significantly vary based upon various schools of thought within Islam.

Are all types of credit card bonuses considered haram?

Not all credit card bonuses are considered haram. It depends on the nature of the bonus. If the bonus is a form of Riba or if it encourages spending beyond one’s means, it may be considered haram. It’s best to consult with an Islamic scholar.

Can a credit card bonus be considered a gift and thus halal?

This is a controversial issue with varying views among scholars. Some argue that bonuses or rewards can be regarded as gifts rather than interest. Please consult with an Islamic scholar for a specific ruling.

Are there any exceptions where credit card bonuses might be considered halal?

There could be exceptions based on the nature of the bonus, its source, and the customer’s use of it. The key is to differentiate whether the bonus is a form of interest or not. However, it’s recommended to seek advice from Islamic scholars on this issue.


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