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Is It Haram to Be Scared of Death? An Islamic Perspective on Fear

The Fear of Death: A Universal Feeling

Death, in its absolute certainty and unpredictability, evokes fear and apprehension in many, if not all, human beings. This fear is most often rooted in the uncertainty of what lies beyond our mortal existence. Islamic teachings, like most religious doctrines, offer explanations and guidance on this universal issue.

is it haram
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Is Being Scared of Death Haram?

In Islam, ‘Haram’ refers to anything that is forbidden by Allah (God). So, is the fear of death viewed as a Haram act within Islam? The straightforward answer is no, it is not Haram to be scared of death. Fear, as an emotion, is a natural human response, especially to unknown entities like death. Islam recognizes this fact and does not label the fear of death as a sinful action. However, this fear should not lead one to disobey God’s commands or live in constant dread and hopelessness.

Fear Vs. Submission in Islam

Despite fear being a natural and acceptable ordeal, it is the reaction to this fear that holds critical importance in Islam. Islamic teachings encourage believers to channel this fear into a form of submissive reverence towards Allah, acknowledging His absolute power over life and death. In essence, fear should be used to strengthen one’s faith, leading to the realization that life is temporary and transient, while the hereafter is eternal.

is it haram
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The Role of Belief in Afterlife in Alleviating the Fear of Death

Belief in life after death is an integral part of Islam. This belief provides comfort and reassurance to believers, reducing the fear of death. Understandably, the human mind struggles to comprehend what it can’t observe or scientifically verify. However, the Islamic concept of eternal life helps one appreciate that death simply represents a transition phase, rather than an abrupt, tragic end.

is it haram
is it haram why

Conclusion: An Islamic Perspective on Fear

In the light of Islam, fear is a natural emotion, not a sinful act. The fundamental focus should be the redirection of this fear into a devoted submission towards Allah and the teachings of Islam. Rather than living in constant fear and dread of death, the aim should be to lead your life righteously and in alignment with Islamic values, which promises eternal peace in the afterlife. This comprehension can ultimately convert a fear of death into a balanced understanding of life’s transience and the certainty of afterlife. So, while the fear of death is not Haram in Islam, it is intended to be a spiritual tool guiding one on their journey towards their Creator.

Faqs about “is it haram to be scared of death”

Is it haram to be scared of death?

No, it is not haram to be scared of death. Feelings of fear are natural human emotions that cannot be controlled. However, in Islam, it is highly encouraged to face death with acceptance and to remember that it is a transition to the afterlife.

What does Islam say about being afraid of death?

Islam teaches that death is inevitable and a part of life. It also encourages its followers to accept death rather than fearing it. However, feeling scared about death is not sinful.

How can a Muslim deal with fear of death?

Reading Quranic passages about death and the afterlife, praying, seeking comfort and guidance from Allah, and speaking with religious leaders or fellow Muslims about these feelings can help deal with the fear.

Is it a sin to fear death in Islam?

No, fear of death is a natural human emotion and not a sin. However, excessive fear that leads to despair or loss of hope is discouraged in Islam.

Should Muslims see death as a punishment?

No, death is not considered a punishment in Islam. It is rather seen as a transition to a new phase of existence.

What does the Quran say about fear of death?

The Quran encourages Muslims to accept death as a reality of life and assures them of the promise of the afterlife. It does not directly comment on the fear of death.

Does fearing death mean I am a bad Muslim?

Not at all. Feeling scared of death does not make one a bad Muslim. It’s a natural emotion. Islam encourages facing this fear with faith and courage.

What should one do if they are obsessively scared of dying?

If the fear of death becomes obsessive or interferes with daily life, it may be helpful to speak with a mental health professional. They can provide strategies and therapies to manage this fear.

What prayers or supplications can one recite to ease fear of death?

There are many prayers in Islam to alleviate worries and fears. You may recite any prayers where you ask Allah for peace, protection and courage.

Can fear of death strengthen one’s faith in Islam?

Yes, it can. Some people find their faith deepening as they confront and seek understanding of their mortality. The fear of death can lead one to seek comfort and hope through their faith in Allah.


Surah Yaseen is a beautifully composed chapter in the Quran that holds immense spiritual importance for Muslims. It is often referred to as the "Heart of the Quran" due to its deep spiritual meanings and messages. The Surah starts with the Arabic letters "Ya Seen," and its verses are filled with divine wisdom and guidance for humanity.
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