Is it Haram to Braid Your Hair with Yarn? Islamic Beliefs and Hairstyles

Exploring Islamic Beliefs and Hairstyling

In Islam, actions and behaviors are largely divided into two categories: Halal, which is lawful and permitted, and Haram, something that is sinful or forbidden. These terms define a Muslim’s daily activities, including fashion and personal grooming choices. What then, does this mean for contemporary Islamic fashion and hairstyle trends, like braiding your hair with yarn? Is it considered Haram to do so?

is it haram
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Islamic Guidelines for Hair Styling

Islam, like other faiths, has guidelines for personal grooming and dressing. Hairstyles are no exception to these prescriptions. The main determinant of whether a hairstyle is permissible (Halal) or forbidden (Haram) often rests on the intentions and motives behind the style.

If the motive is to wear a certain hairstyle solely for fashion or imitating non-Muslim habits and cultures, it can be considered Haram. The idea is to prevent Muslims from getting lost in worldly vanity and distractions. However, maintaining cleanliness and smartness in appearance is encouraged. As long as the hairstyle is not invasive, harmful to the wearer, or oriented towards imitating another non-Muslim culture exclusively, it’s generally acceptable.

The Concept of Al Waseela

To understand if braiding hair with yarn is Haram, it’s necessary to understand a concept in Islam called Al Waseela. Al Waseela refers to the use of artificial materials in beautification contexts. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) discouraged the use of Al Waseela in many Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad), stating that it’s not permissible for women to add false hair or materials to their own.

is it haram
is it haram why

This concept creates a grey area in the practice of braiding hair with yarn. When yarn is used merely for artistic expression or creativity without the intent to deceive or imitate others, many Islamic scholars believe it could be considered as Halal. However, if it’s used with the intention to misrepresent one’s beauty or identity, it could be viewed as Haram.

is it haram
is it haram why


Given the varying interpretations and understandings of Islamic laws and traditions, it’s always prudent to seek guidance from reliable Islamic scholars when in doubt, as decisions on what’s considered Haram can often be subjective and vary according to different cultural and personal contexts. It’s also important to remember the essence of Islam, that places emphasis on modesty and inner beauty rather than external appearances. If braiding your hair with yarn aligns with these principles and is devoid of harmless intent, it could well be deemed as acceptable within the Islamic doctrine.

In conclusion, whether braiding hair with yarn is Halal or Haram in Islam is largely determined by intent rather than the act itself, reflecting the complexity of Islamic beliefs and practices in the context of modern fashion trends and personal expression.

Faqs about “is it haram to braids your hair with yarn”

Is it haram to braid your hair with yarn in Islam?

It is not considered haram in Islam to braid your hair with yarn unless it is done with the intention of deceiving or misleading others.

What does Islam say about altering one’s appearance?

Islam allows altering of appearance as long as it doesn’t involve dishonesty or deception.

Can Muslim women braid their hair?

Yes, Muslim women can braid their hair.

What if the yarn imitates real hair, is it still permitted in Islam?

Using yarn imitating real hair could be considered as deception and may not be permissible.

Is hair extensions haram in Islam?

Hair extensions that involve attaching artificial or another person’s hair are considered haram in Islam.

Can Muslims dye their hair?

Yes, Muslims can dye their hair as long as the ingredients in the dye are halal.

Can yarn braids be worn during Salah (prayer)?

There is no clear consensus on this, better consult with a trusted Islamic cleric.

What Islamic scholars say about braiding hair with yarn?

Islamic scholars’ opinions may vary. It’s advised to seek guidance from a trusted scholar.

Is imitation of another culture’s hairstyle considered haram?

Imitating non-Islamic cultures without any intention of mockery or disbelief is not considered haram.

Is it haram to wear hairstyles popularized by non-Muslims?

Wearing a hairstyle popularized by non-Muslims is not considered haram unless it goes against the basic teachings of Islam.

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