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Is it Haram to Curl Your Eyelashes? Exploring Islamic Perspectives on Eyelash Curling

Is it Haram to Curl Your Eyelashes? Exploring Islamic Perspectives on Eyelash Curling

Is it Haram to Curl Your Eyelashes? Exploring Islamic Perspectives on Eyelash Curling

The Concept of Halal and Haram

In Islam, the concepts of halal (permissible) and haram (forbidden) play a significant role in guiding the actions and behaviors of Muslims. The teachings of the Quran and the Hadith provide guidance on various aspects of life, including personal grooming. Eyelash curling, being a cosmetic practice, often raises the question of whether it is halal or haram in Islam.

is it haram
Is it haram? Why?

Islamic Perspectives on Eyelash Curling

When exploring the Islamic perspectives on eyelash curling, we find a diversity of opinions among Islamic scholars. Some argue that it falls under the general principle of enhancing one’s beauty and is therefore permissible (halal) as long as it does not involve any harmful substances. Others, however, consider it haram based on the principle of avoiding altering the natural creation of Allah.

is it haram
Is it haram? Why?

The Argument Against Eyelash Curling

Those who argue that eyelash curling is haram often highlight the Hadith that discourages altering one’s natural features. They maintain that curling eyelashes falls into the category of altering the creation of Allah, which is generally discouraged in Islam. Additionally, some scholars argue that it may lead to imitating the practices of non-Muslims excessively, which is also considered undesirable in Islam.

Considering Individual Circumstances

It is essential to consider individual circumstances and intentions when determining the permissibility of eyelash curling. Some scholars differentiate between minor alterations, such as curling, and more significant modifications, such as permanent changes or surgical procedures. They argue that minor alterations are acceptable as long as they are done modestly and without excessive extravagance.


In conclusion, the permissibility of eyelash curling in Islam is a subject of debate among scholars. While some consider it halal due to its cosmetic nature, others argue that it falls under the category of altering the natural creation of Allah, making it haram. Ultimately, individuals should seek knowledge, consult with scholars, and make informed decisions based on their understanding of Islamic principles and personal circumstances.

is it haram
Is it haram? Why?

Faqs about “is it haram to curl your eyelashes”

Is it haram to curl your eyelashes?

According to Islamic teachings, curling your eyelashes is not explicitly mentioned as haram (forbidden). However, it is important to consider the intentions behind such actions. If curling your eyelashes is done with the intention of imitating non-Muslims or to enhance one’s physical appearance in an excessive or inappropriate manner, it may be considered disapproved (makruh) or even prohibited (haram) depending on the scholar’s interpretation. It is always recommended to seek knowledge and guidance from a qualified Islamic scholar for specific questions on religious matters.

Does curling eyelashes break the wudu (ablution)?

No, curling your eyelashes does not break the wudu (ablution). Wudu is only invalidated by specific actions such as using the restroom, passing gas, or any action that nullifies its components (e.g., washing the face, hands, arms, etc.).

Is curling eyelashes considered a form of beautification?

Curling your eyelashes can be considered a form of beautification, as it enhances the appearance of the eyes. However, the extent and intention behind this beautification matter. Islam encourages modesty and moderation in matters of physical appearance and emphasizes inner beauty and character over excessive focus on external adornment.

Are there any specific guidelines for curling eyelashes in Islam?

There are no specific guidelines pertaining to curling eyelashes in Islamic texts. However, it is important to follow the general principles of Islamic teachings, which include modesty, sincerity, and avoiding excessive adornment in order to maintain a balanced approach to beautification.

Can curling eyelashes cause any harm or damage?

Curling your eyelashes, when done properly using safe tools, is generally considered safe and does not cause any harm or damage. However, it is important to be cautious and avoid excessive or forceful curling, as it may lead to eyelash breakage or damage over time.

Are there any alternatives to curling eyelashes for enhancement?

Yes, there are alternative methods to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes without using a curler. Some options include using a lash lift, applying mascara, using a lash primer, or using natural remedies and serums to promote lash growth.

Is it permissible to curl eyelashes during fasting in Ramadan?

Curling your eyelashes does not invalidate the fast during Ramadan. However, it is recommended to avoid excessive focus on physical appearance and rather prioritize spiritual practices during this sacred month.

Can men curl their eyelashes in Islam?

There is no specific prohibition in Islam against men curling their eyelashes. As long as it is not done with the intent of imitating women or in an excessive or inappropriate manner, men can curl their eyelashes.

Is it necessary to seek religious guidance before curling eyelashes?

While it is not necessary to seek religious guidance before curling your eyelashes, it is always recommended to consult a knowledgeable Islamic scholar for specific religious inquiries. They can provide guidance based on your individual circumstances and help you make informed decisions in accordance with Islamic teachings.

What is the Islamic perspective on enhancing one’s physical appearance?

Islam encourages believers to take care of their physical appearance, but with the intention of modesty and adherence to Islamic values. It is important to strike a balance between beautification, modesty, and focusing on cultivating inner beauty, character, and spirituality.


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