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Is it Haram to Eat Squirrels in Islam? Understanding the Shafi Perspective

Is it Haram to Eat Squirrels in Islam? Understanding the Shafi Perspective

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Islam is a religion that not only guides people spiritually but also provides guidance on various aspects of life, including dietary restrictions. Muslims are required to follow certain dietary laws to ensure that their food is halal (permissible) and not haram (forbidden).

One common question that arises is whether it is permissible to eat squirrels in Islam. While there is no specific mention of squirrels in Islamic scriptures, understanding the perspectives of different Islamic schools of thought can provide some insight into this matter.

The Shafi Perspective

In the Shafi school of thought, scholars have different opinions on the permissibility of consuming squirrels. Some consider squirrels to be carnivores and therefore haram, as carnivores are generally considered forbidden in Islam. However, others argue that squirrels fall into the category of rodents rather than carnivores and are thus permissible to consume.

is it haram
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The Argument for Permissibility

Those who argue that squirrels are permissible to eat in Islam highlight the following points:

  1. Classification as rodents: Squirrels are classified as rodents, similar to mice and rats. In Islamic jurisprudence, rodents are not explicitly considered to be haram, unless there is evidence to suggest that they are harmful or carry diseases.
  2. Not carnivorous nature: Unlike carnivorous animals, squirrels primarily feed on fruits, nuts, and seeds. They do not consume meat as their primary diet, making them distinct from haram animals.
  3. Similarity to permissible animals: Squirrels share similarities with other permitted animals like rabbits and hares in terms of their habits and diet. As such, it can be argued that they should be considered permissible like these animals.

The Argument against Permissibility

On the other hand, those who consider squirrels to be haram point out the following reasons:

  1. Carnivore-like characteristics: While squirrels are not classified as carnivores, they possess some characteristics associated with carnivorous animals, such as sharp teeth. This similarity raises concerns about their permissibility.
  2. Lack of explicit permission: Since there is no specific mention of squirrels in Islamic texts, some scholars argue that it is safer to abstain from consuming them to avoid any potential ambiguity or violation of dietary laws.


is it haram
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In conclusion, the permissibility of consuming squirrels in Islam, particularly according to the Shafi school of thought, remains a subject of debate among scholars. While some argue for permissibility based on the classification of squirrels as rodents and their non-carnivorous nature, others highlight similarities to carnivores and the absence of explicit permission in Islamic texts. Ultimately, it is recommended to seek guidance from knowledgeable scholars and exercise caution when making dietary choices to ensure compliance with Islamic laws.

Faqs about “is it haram to eat squirrels in islam shafi”

Q: Is it haram to eat squirrels in Islam Shafi?

A: According to the Shafi school of thought in Islam, it is generally permissible to eat squirrel meat as long as it meets the requirements for halal food. Squirrels are considered a type of game that can be consumed if hunted or slaughtered properly by a Muslim following the Islamic guidelines for halal meat.

Q: What are the requirements for squirrel meat to be considered halal in Islam Shafi?

A: To consider squirrel meat halal in Islam Shafi, the following requirements must be met:
1. The squirrel must be hunted or slaughtered by a Muslim.
2. The Muslim should recite the name of Allah (God) before hunting or slaughtering the squirrel.
3. The squirrel should be drained of its blood after being slaughtered.
4. The means used for hunting or slaughtering should be in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Q: Are there any specific rules for hunting squirrels in Islam Shafi?

A: There are no specific rules pertaining to the hunting of squirrels in Islam Shafi. However, the general guidelines for hunting game animals apply, such as avoiding unnecessary suffering to the animal, using permissible means for hunting, and following local hunting laws and regulations.

Q: Can squirrel meat be consumed during fasting in Islam Shafi?

A: Yes, squirrel meat can be consumed during fasting in Islam Shafi as long as it is prepared and eaten outside of the fasting hours. Muslims are required to abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset during the fasting month of Ramadan, but they can consume halal meat during non-fasting hours.

Q: Are there any restrictions on eating squirrel meat based on its source in Islam Shafi?

A: As long as the squirrel meat comes from a permissible source and is halal according to the guidelines mentioned earlier, there are no specific restrictions on eating squirrel meat in Islam Shafi. However, it is always recommended to ensure the meat is obtained from a reputable source and prepared in a hygienic manner.

Q: Is it common to eat squirrel meat in Muslim-majority countries following Islam Shafi?

A: The consumption of squirrel meat may vary among Muslim-majority countries following the Shafi school of thought in Islam. It may be more common in regions where squirrels are abundant and considered edible game animals. However, dietary preferences can vary among individuals, and it is not universally popular or widely consumed in all Muslim-majority countries.

Q: What other types of meat are considered halal in Islam Shafi?

A: In Islam Shafi, the permissible types of meat (halal) include animals that are slaughtered or hunted following the Islamic guidelines. This includes animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, goats, camels, ducks, and many others. The Qur’an provides clear guidelines on which types of meat are permissible for Muslims to consume.

Q: Is it forbidden (haram) to eat any other types of animals in Islam Shafi?

A: Islam Shafi permits the consumption of most types of meat as long as they are obtained from permissible sources and prepared according to Islamic guidelines. However, there are a few exceptions in which certain animals are considered forbidden (haram) to consume, such as pigs, carnivorous animals, animals that were dead prior to slaughtering, and animals slaughtered in the name of someone other than Allah (God).

Q: Can squirrel meat be eaten by non-Muslims?

A: Yes, squirrel meat can be consumed by non-Muslims, as there are no religious restrictions on its consumption for individuals who do not follow Islamic dietary laws. Therefore, non-Muslims are free to eat squirrel meat based on their own personal preferences and cultural practices.

Q: Is there a specific season or time when it is recommended to eat squirrel meat in Islam Shafi?

A: There are no specific recommendations or rulings regarding the season or time to eat squirrel meat in Islam Shafi. The consumption of squirrel meat can be based on personal preferences, availability, and cultural practices. It can be enjoyed at any time of the year, provided it is halal and meets the dietary guidelines of Islam Shafi.


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