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Is it Haram to Have a Lizard as a pet? Exploring the Islamic Perspective on Keeping Reptiles


Keeping pets is a common practice in many cultures, including in Islamic households. However, when it comes to reptiles, such as lizards, there may be some confusion regarding their permissibility in Islam. In this article, we will explore the Islamic perspective on keeping reptiles, particularly lizards, as pets. We will examine whether it is considered haram or forbidden according to Islamic teachings.

is it haram
Is it haram? Why?

The General Rulings on Keeping Pets in Islam

Before delving into the specific ruling regarding lizards as pets, it is essential to address the general rulings on keeping animals in Islam. Islam encourages compassion and kindness towards animals, emphasizing the importance of responsible guardianship. Muslims are instructed to provide proper care, nutrition, and protection for their pets. However, there are guidelines regarding specific animals that are considered haram or halal (forbidden or permissible).

Lizards in Islamic Teachings

In Islamic teachings, lizards are generally considered to be makrooh, meaning they are disliked but not explicitly forbidden. This ruling is based on several Hadiths (narrations of Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and actions) that mention lizards in various contexts. For instance, in one Hadith, it is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Kill the house lizard, for it disturbs one’s sight and does not benefit nor harm.” This narration indicates a dislike towards lizards.

is it haram
Is it haram? Why?

Scholarly Opinions on Keeping Lizards as Pets

Islamic scholars have expressed varying opinions regarding keeping lizards as pets. Some scholars argue that since lizards are not explicitly mentioned as haram in the Quran or Hadiths, they cannot be considered forbidden. They believe that the general ruling of dislike (makrooh) does not necessarily mean prohibition.

On the other hand, certain scholars interpret the dislike towards lizards as a stronger prohibition, leaning towards the view that they are haram. They argue that dislike is an indication of prohibition in Islamic jurisprudence.

It is important to note that different scholars may hold different opinions based on their interpretation of Islamic texts and principles. Therefore, individuals seeking clarity on this matter should consult with knowledgeable scholars for guidance.

Considering the Welfare of the Animal

Regardless of the differing opinions, it is crucial for Muslims to prioritize the welfare of animals when deciding to keep them as pets. If one chooses to have a lizard as a pet, it is essential to provide proper care, nutrition, and an appropriate living environment. Furthermore, lizards should not be subjected to any form of harm or cruelty. A good Muslim pet owner should always treat their pets with kindness and compassion.

is it haram
Is it haram? Why?


In conclusion, the permissibility of keeping a lizard as a pet in Islam is a subject of debate among scholars. While lizards are generally disliked (makrooh), they are not explicitly classified as haram. However, it is crucial to prioritize the welfare of animals and ensure responsible guardianship when considering reptiles, such as lizards, as pets. Muslims should consult with knowledgeable scholars to attain a better understanding of the Islamic perspective on this matter. Ultimately, showing compassion and kindness towards all creatures is one of the core principles of Islam.

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