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Is It Haram to Have a Pet Lizard? Explore the Islamic Perspective


In Islam, the concept of halal (permissible) and haram (forbidden) extends to various aspects of life. From food and drink to financial transactions, there are specific guidelines outlined in the Quran and Hadith that Muslims follow. One area that often sparks curiosity is whether it is haram to have a pet lizard. Let’s explore the Islamic perspective on this matter.

is it haram
is it haram, and why?

The General Ruling on Keeping Pets

In general, Islam encourages kindness and compassion towards animals. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) highlighted the importance of treating animals with care and respect. Many Muslims keep pets such as cats, dogs, and birds as companions within the boundaries of Islamic teachings. However, when it comes to pet lizards, the issue becomes a subject of debate among scholars due to specific reasons.

The Issue of Lizard as a Pet

Some scholars argue that keeping a pet lizard is haram because of its association with superstitions and beliefs that are contrary to Islamic teachings. In certain cultures, lizards are believed to be associated with negative spirits or bad luck. Islam strongly prohibits engaging in any form of superstition or belief in supernatural powers, as these go against the monotheistic principles of the religion.

is it haram
is it haram, and why?

Furthermore, there are specific narrations attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that discourage the capturing or killing of lizards. The Prophet is reported to have said, “Whoever kills a lizard, even intentionally, will be rewarded for it on the Day of Judgment.” This hadith indicates that lizards, like other creatures, have a place in the natural order and should not be harmed without valid reasons.

The Diversity of Scholarly Opinions

It’s important to note that there is a diversity of opinions among Islamic scholars regarding the permissibility of keeping pet lizards. Some scholars argue that as long as one avoids the superstitious beliefs associated with lizards and treats them compassionately, there is no inherent prohibition in having them as pets. They believe that the general ruling of kindness towards animals still applies.

However, others emphasize the potential negative influence and superstitions surrounding pet lizards, which may lead to compromising one’s Islamic beliefs. They advise against keeping lizards as pets to avoid any association with forbidden practices or beliefs.


is it haram
is it haram, and why?

In conclusion, the question of whether it is haram to have a pet lizard in Islam is subjective. While some scholars may deem it permissible as long as superstitious beliefs are avoided and the lizard is treated well, others discourage it due to associations with forbidden beliefs or practices. As with any matter in Islam, seeking knowledge, consultation, and following the guidance of reliable religious scholars is essential for Muslims in making informed decisions.

Faqs about “is it haram to have a pet lizard”

Is it haram to have a pet lizard?

No, it is not haram to have a pet lizard. There is no specific prohibition in Islam against keeping lizards as pets. However, it is important to adhere to general Islamic principles of animal welfare and kindness.

Are there any restrictions on keeping pet lizards in Islam?

No, there are no specific restrictions on keeping pet lizards in Islam. However, it is important to ensure the well-being of the lizard and provide it with appropriate care.

Can I touch or handle my pet lizard?

Yes, you can touch or handle your pet lizard. However, it is important to handle them gently and avoid any actions that may cause harm or distress to the lizard.

Do I need to provide a specific diet for my pet lizard?

Yes, it is essential to provide a proper diet for your pet lizard. Lizards have specific dietary requirements, and you should consult a veterinarian or reptile expert to ensure you are feeding them the appropriate food.

Do lizards require any special enclosure or habitat?

Yes, lizards need an appropriate enclosure or habitat. It should mimic their natural environment and provide adequate space, heating, lighting, and hiding spots.

Are there any health concerns for pet lizards?

Yes, there can be certain health concerns for pet lizards. Regular veterinary check-ups, proper hygiene, and monitoring of their behavior and appetite are important to ensure their well-being.

Can I keep a pet lizard if I have allergies?

If you have allergies to lizards, it is advisable not to keep them as pets. Allergies can cause discomfort and health issues for both you and the lizard.

Do lizards require any specific care during hibernation?

Not all lizards hibernate, and those that do may have different hibernation requirements. It is important to research the specific needs of your lizard species or consult with a reptile expert to ensure proper care during hibernation.

Are there any legal considerations for keeping pet lizards?

Yes, there may be legal considerations for keeping pet lizards. It is important to check local laws and regulations regarding ownership of reptiles as pets.

Can keeping a pet lizard lead to spiritual impurity in Islam?

No, keeping a pet lizard does not lead to spiritual impurity in Islam. Islam does not associate ownership of animals, including lizards, with spiritual impurity. However, cleanliness and hygiene should always be maintained.


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