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Is It Haram to Pluck Bushy Eyebrows: Unveiling the Islamic Perspective

Is It Haram to Pluck Bushy Eyebrows: Unveiling the Islamic Perspective


Plucking eyebrows has become a common practice for many individuals, especially those with bushy or unruly brows. However, there is a debate within the Islamic community regarding whether plucking eyebrows is considered haram or not. This article aims to unveil the Islamic perspective on this matter.

is it haram
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Understanding Islamic Guidelines

Islamic teachings provide guidelines on various aspects of life, including personal grooming. It is essential to refer to these guidelines before making any assumptions or interpretations. The Quran and Hadith (teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) are the primary sources of Islamic guidance.

The Hadith on Modifying God’s Creation

One of the key arguments against plucking eyebrows is based on a Hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Masud, stating, “May Allah curse those women who tattoo or have themselves tattooed and those who remove hair from their faces and those who make spaces between their teeth for the purpose of beauty, altering God’s creation.” This Hadith emphasizes that altering one’s natural appearance, including plucking eyebrows, is discouraged in Islam.

is it haram
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Understanding Context

While the mentioned Hadith suggests that altering one’s appearance is discouraged, it is important to consider the context in which it was narrated. The prohibition mainly refers to actions that involve changing or mutilating the body for the purpose of beautification, rather than simple grooming practices.

Islamic Scholars’ Opinions

Islamic scholars have varying opinions on the matter of plucking eyebrows. Some argue that any form of plucking, even for grooming purposes, is prohibited, while others believe it is permissible as long as it does not result in a drastic change in appearance.

It is crucial to consult with knowledgeable and trusted Islamic scholars to understand their interpretation of religious texts and teachings regarding eyebrow grooming.


is it haram
is it haram why

In conclusion, the issue of plucking bushy eyebrows is not entirely straightforward in Islam. While the Hadith discourages altering God’s creation, the context and interpretation can vary among scholars. It is recommended to seek guidance from knowledgeable individuals and to follow the principles of moderation and modesty in personal grooming.

Faqs about “is it haram to pluck bushy eyebrows”

Is it haram to pluck bushy eyebrows?

According to Islamic teachings, plucking or shaping eyebrows to modify their natural appearance is generally considered haram (forbidden). It is considered altering the creation of Allah. However, there are differing opinions among scholars regarding the permissibility of removing stray or excessive hair. To be on the safer side, it is recommended to consult with a knowledgeable Islamic scholar.

What is the ruling on trimming bushy eyebrows?

Trimming bushy eyebrows, primarily if they obstruct vision or become unmanageable, is generally allowed in Islam. The key is to avoid altering the shape of the eyebrows or creating thin or plucked eyebrows, as that falls under the category of haram.

Are there any exceptions to the prohibition of plucking eyebrows?

Some scholars have mentioned exceptions where plucking eyebrows may be allowed. These exceptions include cases where there is a genuine medical necessity or if one has an abnormally excessive growth that causes significant psychological distress. However, such cases should be addressed on an individual level and with proper consultation from a reliable Islamic scholar.

Can I remove stray hairs around my eyebrows?

Removing stray hairs around the eyebrows is generally permissible in Islam. As long as the natural shape of the eyebrows is not altered, and excessive plucking or shaping is avoided, it is considered acceptable.

What alternatives are available for shaping eyebrows without plucking?

For those who wish to shape their eyebrows without plucking, alternatives like threading, waxing, or using small scissors to trim the hair are commonly practiced. However, individuals should be cautious not to overdo these methods or create an unnatural appearance.

Are there any specific guidelines for grooming eyebrows in Islam?

In general, grooming the eyebrows in a modest and natural manner is recommended. This includes removing any stray or excessive hairs while being mindful not to alter the shape or thickness. Muslims should strive to maintain a balance between personal grooming and adhering to the principles outlined in Islamic teachings.

What are the religious consequences of plucking eyebrows?

The religious consequences of plucking eyebrows, if done in a manner that alters the natural appearance or creates thin eyebrows, vary among scholars. While some consider it a minor sin (makhruh), others view it as forbidden (haram). It is preferable to avoid actions that have differing opinions and seek clarity from a knowledgeable Islamic scholar.

Is it permissible to pluck eyebrows for men?

The general consensus among scholars is that plucking or shaping the eyebrows is not limited to a specific gender and applies to both men and women. Islamic teachings encourage modesty and discourage actions that alter natural features, regardless of gender.

Can I groom my eyebrows for a special occasion or event?

Grooming the eyebrows for special occasions or events is permissible as long as it is done in a manner that doesn’t cross the boundaries set by Islamic teachings. It is essential to maintain moderation, avoid altering the natural appearance, and not indulge in excessive plucking or shaping.

Are there any alternative cosmetic procedures allowed for shaping eyebrows?

There are alternative cosmetic procedures like eyebrow tinting or microblading that involve dyeing or semi-permanent makeup. As with other methods, it is crucial to ensure these procedures maintain a modest and natural appearance without altering the shape of the eyebrows or creating thin, plucked eyebrows.


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