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Is It Haram to Sing Hallelujah? Unraveling the Debate Surrounding Religious Music


Music holds a significant place in many cultures and religions, often serving as a way to express devotion, praise, or celebration. However, debates surrounding the permissibility of certain types of music within religious communities are not uncommon. One such debate revolves around the question, “Is it haram to sing Hallelujah?”

is it haram
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The Meaning of Hallelujah

To understand the debate, it’s essential to comprehend the meaning and origins of the term ‘Hallelujah.’ Hallelujah is a Hebrew word that translates to “praise the Lord” or “praise Yahweh.” It has its roots in biblical texts, particularly the Psalms, where it is used as an expression of joy, thanksgiving, and adoration towards God.

Given its religious connotations, some may argue that singing Hallelujah is an act of worship and devotion and therefore permissible within the context of religious music.

Opposing Views: Is Singing Hallelujah Haram?

is it haram
is it haram why

On the other hand, there are those who believe that singing Hallelujah is haram (forbidden) due to certain interpretations of Islamic teachings. These individuals argue that the use of Hebrew terms, such as Hallelujah, in religious chants and songs goes against the monotheistic principles of Islam.

Furthermore, some Islamic scholars assert that singing any hymn or chant that is not in Arabic is not permissible as it promotes the use of languages other than Arabic in religious practices, which they consider to be an innovation (bid’ah).

The Middle Ground

While the debate remains ongoing, it is worth noting that there are also individuals and communities who take a middle-ground approach. They argue that the permissibility of singing Hallelujah or any religious chant depends on the intention behind it. If the intention is purely to express gratitude and devotion to God, and not associating any partners with Him, then it may be viewed as permissible.

These individuals emphasize the importance of understanding the cultural and historical significance of religious music, while also being mindful of maintaining the core principles of their faith.


is it haram
is it haram why

The debate surrounding whether it is haram to sing Hallelujah is a complex one, with differing opinions among religious communities. It ultimately comes down to personal beliefs and interpretations within the context of one’s faith. As with any debate, respectful dialogue and a commitment to understanding different perspectives can lead to a more nuanced understanding of this issue.

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