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Is it Haram to Wear Colored Contacts: Debunking the Myths


Colored contacts have gained popularity in recent years and have become a fashion trend for many young people. However, there is a debate surrounding whether wearing colored contacts is haram or forbidden in Islam. In this article, we will debunk the myths and provide an answer based on Islamic teachings.

is it haram
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The Concern

One of the main concerns regarding wearing colored contacts is the alteration of one’s natural eye color. Some argue that changing the appearance of one’s eyes through artificial means goes against the natural order of things and is therefore haram. They believe that it is a form of deception or tampering with the creation of Allah.

Others argue that wearing colored contacts for cosmetic purposes falls under the category of “mutashabihat” or doubtful matters. They believe that it is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or Hadith and hence cannot be classified as haram.

is it haram
is it haram why

The Opinion

The majority of scholars agree that wearing colored contacts for cosmetic purposes is not haram as long as it does not cause harm to the eyes or deceive others. They argue that it falls under the category of permissible actions and does not interfere with one’s faith or religious obligations.

It is important to note that Islam encourages modesty and discourages extravagance in appearance. Therefore, if wearing colored contacts is done in a manner that is excessively flashy or attention-seeking, it may be considered Makruh (disliked) but still not haram.

The Rulings on Eye Alteration

It is important to differentiate between altering the natural eye color and correcting vision through medical means. Islam allows medical interventions to improve eyesight or rectify any health-related issues. If wearing colored contacts serves a medical purpose or improves one’s vision, it is considered permissible and not haram.

However, if the sole intention of wearing colored contacts is purely cosmetic, it is essential to evaluate one’s intention and ensure it aligns with Islamic principles.

is it haram
is it haram why


In conclusion, wearing colored contacts for cosmetic purposes is not haram according to the majority of Islamic scholars. As long as it does not cause harm, deceive others, or violate principles of modesty and extravagance, it is considered permissible. However, it is essential to evaluate one’s intention and ensure a balance in adhering to religious values while enjoying fashion trends.

Faqs about “is it haram to wear colored contacts”

Is it haram to wear colored contacts?

Wearing colored contacts is a controversial topic among Islamic scholars. Some argue that it is permissible as long as it does not change the natural eye color in a way that resembles non-human beings or exaggerates one’s physical appearance. Others argue that altering one’s natural eye color goes against the principles of maintaining one’s natural state and is therefore prohibited. It is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable religious authority for a specific ruling on this matter.

Are colored contacts considered a form of deception?

Opinions vary among Islamic scholars regarding whether colored contacts are considered a form of deception. Some argue that as long as it doesn’t mislead or harm others, it is not deceitful. Others believe that altering one’s natural appearance can be deceptive and should be avoided. It is recommended to seek guidance from a trusted religious authority to make an informed decision.

Do colored contacts affect the validity of prayer?

The validity of prayer is not affected by wearing colored contacts. As long as the contacts do not hinder the performance of ablutions (wudu) or prevent water from reaching the eyes during ritual washing, they do not invalidate the prayer. It is important to ensure the contacts are clean and properly fitted to avoid any discomfort or distraction during prayer.

Are there any specific rules on the color of colored contacts?

Islamic teachings do not provide specific rules on the color of colored contacts. However, it is generally advised to choose colors that are close to natural eye shades or close to one’s ethnicity to maintain modesty and avoid excessive alteration of appearance. It is recommended to exercise moderation and discretion in choosing colored contacts.

Are colored contacts permissible for medical reasons?

In cases where colored contacts are necessary for medical reasons, such as correcting vision or treating eye conditions, they are generally considered permissible. The intention behind wearing them should be solely for medical purposes, and not for changing one’s appearance or imitating others. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional for proper usage and guidance.

Are colored contacts allowed for cosmetic purposes?

The permissibility of wearing colored contacts for purely cosmetic purposes is a matter of interpretation among scholars. Some argue that if it does not lead to extravagance, imitation, or harm, it may be allowed. Others believe altering one’s natural appearance solely for cosmetic reasons goes against the principles of modesty. Consulting with a knowledgeable religious authority can provide further guidance.

Is there a difference between wearing colored contacts and using makeup?

Wearing colored contacts and using makeup are two different practices with varying opinions among scholars. While wearing colored contacts can involve altering one’s natural eye color, makeup is generally accepted as long as it does not excessively change one’s appearance or imitate non-human beings. It is recommended to adopt moderation and follow the principles of modesty in both cases.

Can colored contacts harm the eyes?

Colored contacts, like any other contact lenses, can pose certain risks if not used and cared for properly. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, practice good hygiene, and regularly seek professional advice to ensure they are fitted correctly and not causing any harm. It is essential to prioritize eye health and seek medical assistance if any discomfort or issues arise.

Are there any general guidelines for wearing colored contacts?

When considering wearing colored contacts, it is recommended to follow some general guidelines. These include seeking religious guidance from a qualified authority, opting for colors close to one’s natural eye shade or ethnicity, avoiding excessive alteration of appearance, prioritizing eye health by proper usage and maintenance, and being mindful of the intention behind wearing them.

Can wearing colored contacts be a form of self-expression?

Wearing colored contacts can be seen as a form of self-expression in a permissible manner as long as it adheres to the principles of modesty and does not involve imitation, harm, or extravagance. It is important to strike a balance between personal expression and maintaining one’s natural features, considering the intentions and potential impact on oneself and others.


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