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Islam: Is it Haram to Have a Dog? Debating a Furry Issue


When it comes to the topic of keeping dogs as pets in Islam, there has been a long-standing debate among scholars and believers. Although the Quran does not directly mention the prohibition of keeping dogs, some sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have made some followers believe that having dogs as pets is considered haram (forbidden) in Islam. This article aims to further explore this controversial topic and provide insight into the various viewpoints within Islamic tradition.

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The Case for Dogs Being Haram

The primary argument against keeping dogs as pets in Islam is based on several hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad). According to some scholarly interpretations, these hadiths state that angels will not enter a house in which a dog is present, and that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised against keeping dogs unless they are used for specific purposes such as guarding, hunting, or herding.

Furthermore, it is believed that dogs are considered najis (impure) in Islam. This is based on the hadith that states that if a dog drinks from a vessel, it must be washed seven times before it can be used by a Muslim. This concept of impurity has led some scholars to deem dogs as haram, causing many Muslims to avoid keeping dogs as pets.

The Case for Dogs Not Being Haram

On the other hand, some Islamic scholars argue that there is no clear-cut prohibition on keeping dogs as pets in the Quran or Hadith. While certain hadiths exist that discourage keeping dogs, other hadiths emphasize the importance of treating animals with kindness and compassion.

Moreover, proponents of this stance argue that considering the multiple purposes that dogs serve, such as assisting the visually impaired and in search and rescue operations, it is not reasonable to deem them haram. They contend that the hadiths stating the prohibition of keeping dogs should be interpreted based on the historical context, and that modern-day situations may differ from those during the Prophet’s time.

is it haram
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Considering Different Islamic Perspectives

As with many controversial topics in Islam, there are a variety of interpretations and opinions on the issue of keeping dogs as pets. While some scholars argue that dogs are haram, others say that there is not enough evidence to support this prohibition. Ultimately, it is important for Muslims to consider various perspectives and make informed decisions based on their understanding of Islamic teachings and personal convictions.

is it haram
is it haram why


The debate surrounding whether or not it is haram to have a dog as a pet in Islam is complex and multifaceted. Though some hadiths suggest that keeping dogs as pets is not allowed, others emphasize the importance of kindness towards animals. Recognizing that Islamic scholars have varying perspectives on this issue, it is essential for Muslims to carefully examine these viewpoints before making a personal decision on the matter. Ultimately, the decision to keep a dog as a pet should be based on an individual’s understanding of Islamic teachings and their personal values.

Faqs about “in islam is it haram to have a dog”

Is it haram to have a dog in Islam?

In Islam, it is generally considered haram (forbidden) to keep a dog as a pet, unless it is for specific purposes such as security, hunting, farming, or guiding the visually impaired. The reason behind this is mainly due to the belief that dogs are unclean in Islam.

Why are dogs considered unclean in Islam?

Dogs are considered unclean in Islam due to various hadiths (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him) that declare the saliva and body of dogs as impure. As a result, Muslims are required to perform specific cleaning rituals if they come into contact with a dog’s saliva.

What are the allowed uses of dogs in Islam?

In Islam, dogs are allowed for certain purposes such as security, hunting, farming, and guiding the visually impaired. These purposes are considered valid exceptions to the general prohibition of keeping dogs as pets.

Are there any specific breeds of dogs that are halal (permitted) in Islam?

There is no specific breed of dog that is considered halal (permitted) in Islam. The permissibility of having a dog is based on its purpose, such as security, hunting, farming, or guiding the visually impaired, rather than its breed.

Can Muslims be around dogs or touch them?

Muslims can be around dogs and touch them as long as it is for a valid purpose and they follow the required cleanliness guidelines. If a Muslim’s skin comes in direct contact with a dog’s saliva, they must perform a specific cleaning ritual called ‘tayammum’ before they can pray or perform other religious activities.


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