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Kartarpur Corridor ??? Khalistan & Qadiyan ??? India & Pakistan ??? (By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza)

Kartarpur Corridor ??? Khalistan & Qadiyan ??? India & Pakistan ??? (By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza)

Today topic is :Kartarpur Corridor ??? Khalistan & Qadiyan ??? India & Pakistan ??? (By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza).

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Title Kartarpur Corridor ??? Khalistan & Qadiyan ??? India & Pakistan ??? (By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza)
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Engineer Muhammad Mirza Ali

Mirza Ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza was born on 4 October 1977 in Jhelum, a city in Punjab, Pakistan. He is a 19th grade mechanical engineer in a government department.

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

Is engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Sunni or Shia?

engineer mirza ali

Engineer Muahmmad Ali Mirza is Sunni, Known "Mulim ilmi kitabi".

How do I contact engineer Muhammad Ali?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

You can call on this phone number, which is "03215900162", and discuss your problem with them.

Who is Mirza Ali of Pakistan?

muhammad mirza ali

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator.

What is the age of engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

mirza ali

(Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza) Born: October 4, 1977 (age 46 years) Place: Jhelum Country: Pakistan

What is religion of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is Muslim by religion. He is also known as muslim ilmi kitabi. He says " I,m Muslim Ilmi Kitabi".

What is the Education of Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza?

He is an engineer by profession. And also a "Pakistani Islamic Scholar". He studied in "University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila".

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

Muhammad Ali Mirza, commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and commentator. Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is an acclaimed Islamic scholar whose passion for learning and understanding the Quran and Hadith has earned him a distinguished place in the Muslim world.


  1. Engineer sb aap kabil Hai. Musalman devbandi, barely, wahabi jamate islami tabliki lafj kyu istmal hota Hai. Kewal islam v Musalman ki baat kyu nahi karte.

  2. Ali bai fer jo edr charde Punjab wich sikha de taks nal muslman de majid bnai jnde muslman nu hor Jemeen Deete jnde fer oh v glt ha bai oh v nhi chida dena Muslim nu ik hor dsa thanu sikh foj ne corridor de krke modi nu jbab dete Pakistan nal Jang krn lae es bare tusi dekho Sikhs da bht pyre ha Muslim loka nal

  3. What Allah wills is done. All this has happened by the will of Allah, otherwise no government, not even a Muslim government, can do any good to any non-Islamic places of worship. Allah is great, Allah is Able to do all things. Allah is Almighty. I pray to Allah that Sikhs can settle Nankana Sahib, Kartarpur Sahib and Lahore Sahib and take care of their religious places themselves. Not to serve and build their gurdwaras with Muslim money or taxes. Encouraging Indian Sikhs to return as much money as possible to Pakistani Muslims and the Islamic Government of Pakistan with interest

  4. A British Sikh philanthropist Peter Virdee in June 2019, donated £500 million for restoration of Gurdwaras in Pakistan. In addition to this, Sikhs in US & Canada have donated more than £1800 million since 2018 for the same purpose.

  5. Atrocities committed by Muslims in India, needs no investigation. It is common knowledge.
    To do in the name of Islam is a shame. The richest county, now the poorest.
    Looted in the name of Islam and Christianity, is unfair to Islam and Christianity
    This person is a self appointed gent of Allah. I bet he could not graduate 6th grade. So this is what needs no qualification. . Do not call me KAFIR or HEATHEN. Stole Koh e noor and peacock throne.
    Just listen to this person. Guru Gobind Singh had another story to tell.

  6. Maulvi saab india ch masjidan ne jo bndiya ne yn chlldiya ne ohde vich saare ee aa jande ne india de hindu muslim sikh isai bodhi jain. Twahde logic j assin follow kita tey masjida nu jinde vjj jaane sochlo

  7. who are you to decide who to facilitate and who to not?
    Mirza sb you are just a Hypocrite
    agr mazhabi halkay ko takleef hai to apnay beemar zehan ka ilaj krwain
    sachay ho to dar kaisa???
    ilmi medan m hi Ahmadiyya ko harao

  8. شرعی مسئلہ یہ بتائیں کہ شرک کا اڈا بنانے والا مسلمان ھے یا کلمہ گو ھے یا کافر مشرک ھے ؟
    اپنی قبر سامنے رکھ کے بتاو،

  9. You are right. Every nation has its own policies and strategies to fight a war with their enemies. They impart training and teach tactics for destroying or capturing the enemy forces. These are applicable only in battle fields and not in peace time. Why do the non-Muslims object when such directive is issued to.Muslims. In peace time its a religious obligation of every Muslim to safeguard their minorities (non Muslims).

  10. Mujhy to Rona a Raha hy Ali Bhai ki yeh bat sun k Keh 14 Arab hmarey taxes ka hm to ghreeb Mr rye hein 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  11. سکھ مزہب تو اسلام کے بعد آیا اس کو آپ نے کیسے مذہب قبول کر لیا، جبکہ امام مہدی (مرزا غلام احمد) علیہ السلام کو ماننے سے آپ انکار کر رہے ھے ۔ مولوی صاحب جواب۔

  12. افسوس کے 1947سے آج سب پاکستانی لیڈر کافروں کے تلوے چاٹ رھے ہیں
    بابا شجاع گوجرانوالہ پاکستان

  13. ماشااللہ علی بھائی اللہ پاک آپ کو جزائے خیر عطا فرمائے آپ نے صحیح طور پر صحیح معنوں میں اسلام کی مکمل طور پر فلاح و بہبود اور لوگوں کو اصلاح کی طرف لا رہے ہیں بہت شکریہ آپ کا

  14. Partially, I do agree with you janab Engineer Mirza sahab. But as regards the Kartarpur Corridor, the Govt. Of Pakistan has taken a right step. It's the duty of the Govt. to extend facilities and take care of the safety and security of the international pilgrims. Pakistan has earned a great name by doing so. We have seen the Christians offering their church for Friday prayers to Muslims.

  15. کیوں نہیں۔ جب سکھ ،ہندو ٹیکس ادا کرتے ہیں تو ان کی عبادت گاہ بنا سکتے ہیں جس طرح سے مسجد بنا نے درست کرنے میں سکھ ہندو کے ٹیکس کاپیسے لگا سکتے ہیں تو اس کا واضح احکام ہیں یہ کر یلے ملا جیسے ملا فضل الرحمان نو مسلم (یہودی) عورت نکاح کرتا ھے سر ے عام توہین کی یہاں تک کہ دس سال بعد کو مرتد ہوگئی،، اور خود فضل الرحمن بی بی سی کی یہودن کے ننگے ٹخنے اس کے سامنے بیٹھ کر بڑے مزے لیتے ہوئے انٹرویو د یا،ہدستانی پنجاب میں سو سے زیادہ مسجدیں 1975-1985 عرصے میں سکھوں نے آزاد کروا کی دی کی بھینسوں کے کوٹھے اور مندر گودام بیس سال پہلے ناجائز قبضے سے آزاد کروا دین،انجینئر صاحب اس معاملے کے گہرائی سے مطالعہ کر یں،،نواز شریف،بھٹو خاندان زرداری نے پاکستانی عوام کا پیسہ یوروپ میں بلوچ قندیل جیسی طوائفوں کے ساتھ عیش و آرام کرتے ہیں فضل الرحمن انکو فرشی سلام کرتے ہیں۔بنگالی مسلمان کا حق وزیر اعظم کے چھین لی کیا اسلام میں بنگالی نچلے درجے کے مسلمان ہیں

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